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Juncao Reishi Black coffee 20 sachet box

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Juncao Reishi Black coffee with 100% Certified Juncao Ganoderma 20 sachet box

But its extraordinary (even sometimes supernatural) effects and its almost mythical appearance drove the Chinese more than 3000 years ago to give to this mushroom the name "Lingzhi" which means “spiritual potency”! In fact there exist many stories describing kings forbidding the consumption of this particular mushroom to any person outside the palace, scared by the idea that someone might receive Lingzhi's amazing benefits and then be able to overtake their throne!

Ganoderma mushrooms also provide with triterpenoids and amino acids and are ‘adaptogens’.
Furthermore many modern medical researches have already come across.

So after the tasteful enjoyment of a Wuling Biotechnology Juncao Reishi Black coffee your fulfilment will increase by many health benefits some of which are:

Detox and rejuvenation of the body
Strengthens the immune system - ganoderma extract can stimulate production of various types of white blood cells that help prevent and fight against infection
Improves skin texture and reduce appearance of aging
Helps increase brain power and clarity
May help strengthen the body and provide blood pressure support
Cardiovascular Benefits - Ganoderma has blood-thinning properties; it inhibits platelet aggregation
Prostatic Benefits - Ganoderma extract improves lower urinary tract symptoms in men by inhibiting an enzyme involved in such issues
Helps unclog arteries and supports liver function
Antioxidant Benefits