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    in my opinion Designed and published Mugs are a first rate answer for low price promotions. With our Mug Printing provider we will print brand’s, slogans or pictures in full coloration onto mugs – an ideal promotional device a unique present or branded prize.
    We offer top high-quality printing using sublimation generation to get the proper end and we offer a white mug that is dishwasher and microwave secure.

    seeking out coloration mug printing carrier to print your emblem, occasion facts and many others? we are direct importer of coloration mugs and do printing domestically. So we are able to guarantee fast delivery and high-quality printing at cheap rate.
    We had been imparting colour mugs to universities, colleges, colleges, authorities departments and small / huge companies. contact us nowadays!

    folks who do no longer study history are doomed to repeat it. Why? due to the fact for the general public of human records, people have lived in bondage, in poverty, below despotic leaders, with little to no freedom. but there’s a motive people have time and again voted for his or her very own oppression: freedom is difficult. It isn't smooth to be the governor of your very own lifestyles. It entails conflict, toil, hard work, and it isn’t clean. contrast non-public freedom with the promise of collective “protection” and “security,” ambiguous terms bought via political charlatans which will comfortable their strength.

    Hitler gave all people a loose radio. He turned into a super orator. after which he nationalized the radio. residents had been warned in the event that they listened to something aside from Nazi radio, they would be put to loss of life.
    The only voice they'd become the authorities radio station and the authorities managed newspaper.
    Hitler gave Austrian identical rights for every body. additionally, absolutely everyone getting a assured profits from the authorities. The same rights modification become designed in components, equality, economics and social. Economics was designed to equalize the international locations wealth due to the fact each person become entitled to same earnings. To acquire that, they had to improve taxes to 70%.
    people got fuel stamps, heating gasoline. The authorities equalized the international locations wealth through taxing us. called socialism.

    on the socialism, everyone must be on the work pressure. mothers stayed domestic, raised their families. but in socialism, in case you didn’t work, you had been referred to as a parasite. mothers had to go to paintings and depart the kids to wherein? A daycare middle. The longer you left your toddler with the schools and daycare, the better the authorities appreciated it. these caretakers had been from the government, trained in psychology, to mold the children.
    training turned into then nationalized. We had a good training machine before Hitler.
    severely, this account is chilling. The longer you’ll concentrate to this complete account (about 30 minutes) the extra your skin will crawl.
    however did you be aware how Hitler did it? Incrementally. not over night, no longer in a day, now not in a week. Slowly, through the years, one place of life after which another. Do it the Nazi way, it’s the higher way. you could’t accept as true with the media, you need to pay attention to the countrywide media. You can't consider non-public institutions, you have to agree with the government establishments. and also you moms who want to live at domestic along with your kids to elevate them proper? No, get out of the house, work, and do the right aspect with the aid of putting your children via our state college.
    Scared yet?
    Leftist or Obama apologists will claim we’re being paranoid. fine, I appreciate your freedom to suppose something you want. Leftist apologists will say we’re being unfair in comparing their pricey leader (Obama or everyone else) to any dictator. first-rate, you’re loose to inform me something you’d like. however if any of you apologists available need to “document” this publish to the authorities because you dislike it and suppose it have to be eliminated… congratulations, you’ve proved the point. in which I agree with in diversity of notion and more speech and now not much less, you've got deemed whatever that goes towards your view of presidency as worth of banning.
    So pardon me if I’m a little cautious.

    marketing campaign launched to store South London's 'stretcher fences' once used to hold wounded civilians inside the Blitz

    The Holocaust became the systematic, kingdom-subsidized persecution and murder of six million Jews via the Nazi regime and its allies and collaborators. the united states Holocaust Memorial Museum teaches millions of humans each yr about the risks of unchecked hatred and the want to save you genocide. analyze extra about the Holocaust, antisemitism, and genocide below.

    The Holocaust was the systematic, country-backed persecution and murder of six million Jews through the Nazi regime and its allies and collaborators. Holocaust is a word of Greek beginning meaning "sacrifice by using fireplace." The Nazis, who came to strength in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially advanced" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," had been an alien danger to the so-known as German racial network.

    all through the era of the Holocaust, German government additionally centered other groups because of their perceived racial and biological inferiority: Roma (Gypsies), people with disabilities, some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others), Soviet prisoners of war, and blacks. different agencies had been persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals.

    What became the Holocaust?
    photo of Dawid Samoszul
    picture of Dawid Samoszul
    near-up road portrait of Dawid Samoszul, possibly taken in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland, among 1936 and 1938.

    Dawid became killed inside the Treblinka killing middle at the age of 9.

    US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Abe Samelson
    View Archival DetailsIn 1933, the Jewish populace of Europe stood at over nine million. maximum ecu Jews lived in international locations that Nazi Germany might occupy or impact at some stage in global struggle II. via the give up of the battle in 1945, the Germans and their allies and collaborators killed nearly two out of every three european Jews as a part of the "very last answer."

    The Nazis considered Jews to be the inferior race that posed the deadliest risk to the German Volk. quickly once they got here to energy, the Nazis followed measures to exclude Jews from German monetary, social and cultural existence and to stress them to emigrate. international war II supplied Nazi officials with the possibility to pursue a complete, “final way to the Jewish question”: the homicide of all the Jews in Europe.

    while Jews have been the concern goal of Nazi racism, different businesses inside Germany have been persecuted for racial motives, which includes Roma (then normally called "Gypsies"), Afro-Germans, and people with mental or bodily disabilities. by using the cease of the warfare, the Germans and their Axis partners murdered up to 250,000 Roma. And between 1939 and 1945, they murdered as a minimum 250,000 mentally or physically disabled sufferers, in particular German and residing in institutions, within the so-called Euthanasia application.

    As Nazi tyranny spread across Europe, the Germans and their collaborators persecuted and murdered thousands and thousands of other people seen as biologically inferior or risky. among and 3 million Soviet prisoners of war, viewed through the Nazis because the biological "companies" of Bolshevism, were murdered or died of starvation, disease, forget about, or brutal treatment. The Germans shot tens of lots of non-Jewish members of the Polish intelligentsia, murdered the population of masses of villages in “pacification” raids in Poland and the Soviet Union, and deported thousands and thousands of Polish and Soviet civilians to carry out pressured exertions below situations that brought about many to die.

    From the earliest years of the Nazi regime, German authorities persecuted homosexuals and different Germans whose conduct did not comply with prescribed social norms (along with beggars, alcoholics, and prostitutes), incarcerating heaps of them in prisons and awareness camps. German police officers similarly persecuted heaps of Germans regarded as political warring parties (inclusive of Communists, Socialists, Freemasons, and trade unionists) and spiritual dissidents (along with Jehovah's Witnesses). lots of these people died due to maltreatment and murder.

    Implementation of the "very last answer"
    international war II furnished Nazi officials the opportunity to undertake greater radical measures against the Jews beneath the pretext that they posed a chance to Germany. After occupying Poland, German government constrained the Jewish populace to ghettos, to which they also later deported hundreds of Jews from the 1/3 Reich. masses of lots of Jews died from the horrendous situations in the ghettos in Poland and different components of jap Europe.

    The deportation of Jews from Lublin, 1942
    Deportation from Lublin
    Scene throughout the deportation of Jews from Lublin. 1942.

    YIVO Institute for Jewish studies, the big apple

    Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Einsatzgruppen and Waffen SS devices, with assist from the Wehrmacht, moved behind German lines to homicide Jews, Roma, and Soviet country and Communist celebration officers in mass shootings in addition to in especially prepared gasoline vehicles. Mass shootings of Jews continued at some stage in the war, many performed by militarized battalions of the German Order Police. these shooting operations are predicted to have claimed the lives of extra than 1.five million Jews.

    In past due 1941, Nazi officers opted to appoint a further technique to kill Jews, one firstly developed for the “Euthanasia” software: stationary fuel chambers. among 1941 and 1944, Nazi Germany and its Allies deported almost 3 million Jews from areas underneath their manipulate to Nazi-occupied Poland. The sizable majority were sent to killing centers, frequently called extermination camps, at Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Auschwitz-Birkenau, in which they were murdered ordinarily by poison fuel. a few able-bodied Jewish deportees had been briefly spared to carry out forced exertions in ghettos, forced exertions camps for Jews, or attention camps in Nazi-occupied Poland and the Soviet Union. most of those workers died from starvation and disease or have been killed once they became too vulnerable to work.

    My mom ran over to me and grabbed me by the shoulders, and she instructed me "Leibele, i'm not going to peer you no greater. take care of your brother."
    —Leo Schneiderman describing arrival at Auschwitz, choice, and separation from his own family

    main deportations to killing centers, 1942-1944 [LCID: eur78940]
    essential deportations to killing facilities, 1942-1944
    on the Wannsee conference in Berlin in January 1942, the SS (the elite shield of the Nazi kingdom) and representatives of German authorities ministries estimated that the "very last answer," the Nazi plan to kill the Jews of Europe, might contain 11 million eu Jews, consisting of those from non-occupied countries which include ireland, Sweden, Turkey, and awesome Britain. Jews from Germany and German-occupied Europe were deported by means of rail to the killing centers in occupied Poland, in which they were killed. The Germans tried to conceal their intentions, referring to deportations as "resettlement to the east." The victims had been advised they were to be taken to labor camps, but in reality, from 1942 onward, deportation for maximum Jews intended transit to killing centers and then death.

    US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    The stop of the Holocaust
    within the final months of the struggle, SS guards moved camp inmates via train or on pressured marches, frequently known as “loss of life marches,” in an try to prevent the Allied liberation of large numbers of prisoners. As Allied forces moved across Europe in a series of offensives against Germany, they began to come across and unlock attention camp prisoners, in addition to prisoners en direction by compelled march from one camp to another. The marches persevered till may 7, 1945, the day the German armed forces surrendered unconditionally to the Allies.

    For the Western Allies, global struggle II formally resulted in Europe on the next day, may additionally eight (V-E Day), even as Soviet forces introduced their “Victory Day” on may additionally nine, 1945.

    in the aftermath of the Holocaust, greater than 250,000 survivors observed refuge in displaced persons camps run by using the Allied powers and the United international locations Refugee and Rehabilitation management in Germany, Austria, and Italy. between 1948 and 1951, 136,000 Jewish displaced individuals immigrated to Israel, at the same time as others resettled in the united states and different international locations outside Europe. different Jewish displaced individuals emigrated to the united states and different countries. The ultimate camp for Jewish displaced persons closed in 1957.

    A younger infant sits amongst bags at the same time as waiting to depart the Deggendorf displaced individuals camp. [LCID: 22582]
    A infant waiting to depart the Deggendorf displaced men and women camp
    A young baby sits among luggage at the same time as ready to leave the Deggendorf displaced individuals camp. Deggendorf, Germany, 1945-forty six.

    US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Marion residence
    View Archival information

    The crimes devoted at some point of the Holocaust devastated most eu Jewish communities and eliminated hundreds of Jewish groups in occupied jap Europe totally.

    A marketing campaign has been launched to protect metallic fences in south London made from WW2 stretchers once used to hold thousands of wounded civilians within the Blitz.
    The so-referred to as ‘stretcher fences’ may be discovered on estates in Peckham, Brixton, Deptford, Oval and East London.
    nearby historians claim hundreds of thousands of Londoners walk beyond the fences every day absolutely oblivious to their “fascinating history”, and now they're at risk of being ripped down and changed.
    Campaigners are hoping to sell attention of the fences that allows you to increase cash to preserve them and installation plaques.

    Conservation supervisor Rosie Shaw advised the usual: “I had been speakme approximately doing something for some time and then lots were given ripped out at East Dulwich estate in canine Kennel Hill more than one weeks ago.
    "a number of them badly need some conservation or councils will must replace them.
    “I think it would be terrific if extra human beings knew approximately them and will engage with them. all people who we tell receives genuinely excited and it’s a truly fascinating social a part of our history."
    She added: “It’s pretty tough to think about physical reminders of the second one international warfare. It’s excellent that they're nonetheless here.”

    The stretcher fences are recognisable thanks to indents at each quit, used to raise the stretcher barely off the ground.
    more than 600,000 had been built for the duration of WW2 in order that Air Raid safety officers should convey injured human beings in the course of German bomb raids.
    They had been crafted from steel so that they could be effortlessly washed down after use.
    Peter Eaves, of the Museum of the Order of St John, which has an authentic stretcher, states: “on the stop of the struggle, the government have been left with an tremendous stockpile of stretchers.
    “Railings across the capital were removed at the beginning of the conflict a good way to gasoline the determined production of munitions and struggle materials.

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    We would like to set the records straight we are THE MUG FACTORY and not MUG FACTORY.

    Every we day we get emails from Mug Factory customers their mugs have faded and cracked then when we open the images its not our mugs the shapes are different to our plus we only sell online.

    Hi, I was given one of your mugs as a gift. the Jack Russell with red sun glasses on. I put it in warm water to wash it and it's faded to a mist. I'm very disappointed. I've got pic of it

    can't seem to upload pics on here
    Bev Cook

    WED 9:33 AM

    The MUG Factory
    Hi we are the mug factory not mug factory. We only sell online mug factory buy cheap mugs from China that fade and crack in hot water they are now calling them selves card factory take a look at our website you will know it’s not been bought from us best wishes Paul Harding


    The MUG Factory

    Brilliant x thanks xxx

    The MUG Factory
    You have consumer rights

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    Girl friend mugs

    Girl friend mugs

    buy the proper mug on your female friend and browse our range of personalised and unique thoughts. we've chosen specifically selected mugs all girlfriends will love, consisting of romantic, humorous and novelty designs. upload a non-public touch for your mug with a call, message and/or photo to make your present extra special.
    for many, it’s hard to assume beginning the day with out the normal cup of espresso or tea. make sure you’re taking part in your hot drink inside the proper sort of mug with our vast choice of mugs at on the mug manufacturing facility. from sensitive bone china to sophisticated glass coffee mugs to stainless-steel tour mugs, you’ll discover the right one for you.

    novelty mugs make exceptional items, with messages for dads and mums or a picture to in shape a interest or favorite tv display. mugs ideal for lovers of the big bang theory, medical doctor who, sesame avenue and lots extra can be determined at the mug manufacturing unit at regular low fees. warmth-activated mugs may be customized with unique circle of relatives images or private messages.

    while you don’t want anyone pinching your work mug, the extra extraordinary the better, so pick one from our range fashioned like a camera lens, a tardis or maybe a rest room. or keep it simple and simply choose one along with your call or initial on it. supplement your kitchen with mugs from on the mug manufacturing unit. we’ve got mugs in unfashionable, vintage, modern-day, fashionable, kitsch and quirky patterns, so that you’re certain to find the proper ones on your kitchen.

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    Gifts for girlfreinds

    At the mug factory we have you covered make certain that you get it spot on with one in all our cautiously curated offers for girlfriends. we apprehend that the right lady in your lifestyles merits not anything short of the exceptional present coins can buy, and we've got were given created a collection this is positive to knock her socks off.

    irrespective of the special occasion, whether or not it is Christmas, valentine's day or her birthday, we're sure you can discover a few aspect to healthy. whether or not you are aiming for romantic or amusing, candy or silly, we'll help you discover a gift this is flawlessly pitched to your particular woman's tastes.

    shopping for offers to your lady buddy is certainly a nerve-wracking experience, so allow us to alleviate a touch of the strain. take a seat back, loosen up, and study to your coronary coronary heart's content material material for an appropriate pressie idea.

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    ​gifts for boyfriend

    gifts for boyfriend

    in case you are in search for interesting  affords in your boyfriend, then you truely have come to the proper location. from our wide collection of   personalised mugs, and many others. you can order  fancy items to desire your boyfriend on his birthday or valentine's day. most of those affords will enhance the affection on your dating and make stronger it further.

    locate the quality present for boyfriend simplest proper here
    boyfriend is simply a precious character on your lifestyles and to maintain him glad is of intense significance. there are instances starting from birthday to anniversary, diwali to valentine’s day when you need to be searching out for a  gift to make your boyfriend happy. and we in shape into this area absolutely properly with a gamut of  merchandise. take a look at out our unique objects for boyfriend and put a grin on his face. other than the everyday flora, desserts, and candies, additionally look out for personalized espresso mugs, cushions, photo frames, cell covers, t-shirts, and so on. truely, presents are normally now not compulsory to be supplied on activities or gala's. every now and then, there may be no purpose of gifting and still you could make an effort to make him special. as an example, in case you really had a spat and later realise which you had been wrong, you may take in a flower bouquet with a sorry cushion to make the whole thing lovey-dovey yet again. anticipate he has gained the nice employee name in his place of job, you could greet him with a lavish cake. we have many such present thoughts for boyfriend and when you login proper right here you can take a look at them. we have an enviable stock of cakes. starting from vanilla to cheesecake, black wooded area to butterscotch, pink velvet to lemon zest cake – all are prepared to be ordered with the aid of the use of you.

    make him glad with these fine presents for boyfriend
    each day doesn’t pass the same simply the way our fingers are. a few days are satisfied ones even as the others are gloomy. the cause can be some thing beginning from non-public clashes to professional ones. however being the lady friend, you want to play the position of the primary and final deliver of idea to him. he can in no way lose self warranty or get slowed down and for that, you need to be the powerhouse of help. so, on a few dark day, you can cheer him up by using redecorating with a romantic aura. candles, perfumes, and spa substances are equipped right here that would make him enjoy better. and that’s why whilst you need the great gifts for boyfriend, you need to return right right here and region an order with us. our free shipping, same day delivery, middle of the night transport, or fixed time shipping might be of lots help in case you are buying with us.  glad to investigate that our offerings cater to all essential towns .
    offers you the cute gift thoughts for boyfriend
    your boyfriend is truly your 'particular guy' you've got got decided on him over lots and hundreds of others who were waiting inside the queue. it's miles hard to 0 down on a very particular present idea for boyfriend, specifically at the same time as you are visiting our website. because of the truth every and each product you be aware right here are astounding and exhilarating. once in a while of the approaching valentine’s day, you may pick up a coronary coronary heart formed cake on the aspect of a customized key chain and a coffee mug. you could moreover deliver a grooming bog all the way down to your boyfriend which can be the  present earlier than that marriage day. if your boyfriend is a health freak you can additionally send him a impede of green tea with the fortunate bamboo in case you need to make him sense happy. lucky bamboo ought to make certain of happiness and prosperity in existence.

    the guys who're touring our website may find out a few in reality romantic offers for her just like the coronary coronary heart fashioned red roses association or the tender cushion with coronary coronary heart shape. romance is genuinely going to bounce high in the valentines season of affection.

    wonder your boyfriend by way of the usage of sending exciting gifts to him from ferns n petals
    a marvel present from a cherished is one of the maximum memorable reviews of existence. so, at some point of any special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, christmas, diwali, new yr, and so forth. wonder your boyfriend with  items for boyfriend from ferns n petals. the lovely purple roses may carry your romantic emotions for him simply and you could send a bouquet of 100 red roses to him on valentine’s day or anniversary. as a suitable birthday present, you can choose the customised lamp or the mixture of a lucky bamboo plant & customized mug. on the day he's promoted to a better position in workplace or the day even as he finished a milestone in his commercial enterprise, you could have fun that second with a mixture of flower & cake. we even have a series of sunglasses, perfumes, leather-based-based totally wallets, belts, and so on. so, discover our class of objects for men and pick out out the maximum  presents on your man the use of our same-day, midnight, & subsequent day shipping offerings. moreover, take into account that our services are to be had in more than four hundred locations in india. so, you could ship your greetings nearly anywhere.

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    Wolverhampton wanders promotional mugs

    Our range of personalized Wolverhampton Wanderers presents make the perfect present for any fan. All items function amazing designs.

    purchase wolverhampton wanderers mug and get the nice offers ✅ on the ... wolves personalized Wolverhampton wanderers wwfc mug 11oz cup
    UNIGIFT personalised gift - Wolverhampton Mug (soccer layout topic, White) - Any name/Message to your precise Mug - The Wolves Wanderers club
    show Loyalty & guide for his or her crew! Personalise Your Wolves gift nowadays. See Their call next To Their Heroes! should Have presents For Any Wolverhampton Fan.


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    Dishwasher Proof Mugs on Demand

    dishwasher proof mugs on demand

    our immoderate great mugs are dishwasher and microwave proof. we're able to print them on mugs for your customers and dropship them direct on your clients round the arena. they may be found out using sublimation, a gadget we revel in and feature some years of experience in.

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    ​promotional printed mugs, employer enterprise published mugs​, charitable fund elevating mugs​, school mugs​.

    promotional printed mugs, employer enterprise published mugs, charitable fund elevating mugs, school mugs, unique occasion mugs, espresso mugs, revealed mugs for retail or remarkable gift stores.

    we manufacture promotional and company absolutely customisable complete color printed mugs. we supply unfastened practical pdf of what you mugs will without a doubt appear to be earlier than we manufacture and then we provide a free actual lifestyles sample in order that you will be completely confidant of what your going to buy. if required we are capable of then change layout until your all absolutely happy and we do all this free of charge.

    we also deliver to the mug change who retail our mugs to most people and some immoderate avenue chains/shops. our mainstay business is imparting business enterprise promotional corporation discovered mugs fine. by means of way of dealing without delay with us, you're lowering out the center chain, guaranteeing you the high-highexcellent costs  as your searching for straight away from the mug producer to your revealed/promotional mugs and consequently saving cash and being confident your mugs are of the of the very best of amazing.

    something your necessities kingdom/ is devoted to assisting you as an awful lot as we will.

    our mainstay corporation is offering enterprise promotional business corporation revealed mugs. however, we additionally supply many several clients across the entire of the u.adequate. we fine use high pleasant mugs which might be confident to 2000 dishwashes without fading and inks as much as european necessities.

    why choose The Mug manufacturing facility ?

    we are capable of guide you with unfastened design , free previews and unfastened samples
    we may not be overwhelmed on price and the fee we provide you with may not change. you won't incur any installation expenses or costs for additional shades.
    we are a small , professional organization so as to offer dedicated service when you want it. call us whilst it suits you as hostile to name centre hours of company.
    our mugs speak for themselves. have a study our gallery and observe for yourself. we're definitely proud of the mugs we produce.
    we won't manufacture your mug till you're simply happy and you can make as many changes as you require to get your preferred very last consequences.
    we manufacture to the highest specs and supply a spread of mugs to clients who retail in immoderate avenue shops/chains.
    with loose mug layout, unfastened mug previews and free samples, plus the confidence to peer who already makes use of us, we are hoping you could get in touch. we will provide you with an instant quote without a responsibility and you could take it from there.

    unique offers on all promotional Durham mugs, faculty fundraising mugs whole coloration published and not using a hidden extras and loose unlimited colors.

    we handiest supply really dishwasher examined mugs each double orca coated or 2000 dishwasher covered duraglaze covered mugs examined to no longer fade for as much as 2000 dishwashers.

    we additionally offer a rate promise that we will beat any proper fee for the identical dishwasher tested mugs and that includes our unfastened mug layout and previews service.

    our duraglaze mugs had been examined as much as 2000 dish washings without fading so that you can be assured of charge and excellent.

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    ​customized mugs

    customized mugs

    revel in a hot beverage, however need to drink in fashion? our style of personalized mugs are virtually the aspect for you! test out our kind of porcelain, primary ceramic and teeth mugs.

    want some thing splendid, we have were given also had been given colored rim, manage and internal mugs to beautify matters up. if your like your camping our personalized camping mug is a awesome mug to take with you! add your personal photograph and text to personalise!

    if you're suffering for proposal or driven for time, as opposed to uploading an picture, choose out paintings from our image library. we have were given issues for all activities, from birthday's to birds, cats to vehicles & a good deal more!

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    ​​Promotional mugs are one of the most popular advertising items

    Promotional mugs are one of the most popular advertising items round; but, there's pretty a piece of bewilderment regarding the various revealed methods which can be used. here's a quick manual to the most not unusual methods of personalisation.

    Direct screen printing is the suitable option for corporations which might be on a budget, as this technique is most customarily used with less expensive earthenware promotional mugs. screen printing is normally excellent for easy emblems and designs, in which commonly, up to four colorations can be printed onto the primary body of the mug. 1/2 tone, shaded shades aren't appropriate for digital display print, although it is commonly feasible to pantone healthy a commercial enterprise’s corporate hues. display screen revealed mugs are also dishwasher safe, making them no longer most effective budget-pleasant, but realistic too.

    switch printing takes display printing a step similarly; a switch is created the usage of professional paper, the usage of a coating that lets in it to be implemented to the mug. The application of the photograph is then commonly performed by means of hand. although the system itself takes a little longer than display screen printing, it has the benefit of greater element and precision, and is specially suitable for mugs with an uncommon shape. The textual content or paintings can be positioned now not best on the principle body, but also on the inner, on the bottom or at the handle.

    virtual printed works plenty the same as a laser printer. It’s ideal for those who need to apply paler, pastel colors on their mugs, and is first-rate for the software of images to bone-china and earthenware mugs, producing crystal clean, sharp pictures.

    full shade revealed is concept for any organisation that desires to reserve large amount of mugs with photos, because the process is brief and comparatively cheaper, too. The approach is every so often called CMYK printing, as the photo is damaged up into 4 most important colorings (black, yellow, magenta and cyan), and then transferred to printing plates, and eventually implemented to the mug. nearly every coloration and element can be accurately reproduced using this technique.

    Dye sublimation is one of the maximum famous methods of printing on promotional mugs, now not least due to the fact it's miles one of the most  strategies. A special type of coating is implemented to the mugs, after which colour dyes are then used that adhere to this substance. The method produces clear, sharp finishes, with vibrant shades and as such is perfect for individuals who need a really  promotional mug.

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    Make Personalized printed mugs

    make personalised mugs

    there’s nothing higher than their mug, well on a mug. so create a personalised mug with a call, custom message, and add your preferred snap shots. we have were given lots of mug designs presenting disney princesses, spongebob squarepants, peppa pig, and well-known character wars for the youngsters, in addition to humorous, cheeky, and colorful mugs for grown ups.

    layout a custom mug
    whether or not you need to personalise a mug with a name or create a custom
    one with 5 of your favored images, we've got a tremendous one most effective for them.
    format a mug on your bestie’s birthday, in your mum on mom’s day, for dad at christmas, for your favored coworker's leaving birthday party, or any birthday celebration in amongst.

    upload your private photograph mugs
    supply them one in all our personalised photo mugs… they’ll by no means be capable of make a warm drink another time without considering you.

    personalised mugs by means of concern remember
    all people dreams a fave mug, so make certain you have your loved ones included with a themed customized mug this is funny with a spoof twist, has their favored hold calm slogan, or move next-diploma with a warmth and screen mug.

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    ​5 different ways To Print On Promotional Mugs

    5 different ways To Print On Promotional Mugs

    distinctive approaches To Print On Promotional Mugs

    Promotional custom mugs are one of the most famous promo giveaways that work for any commercial enterprise. The reason for his or her recognition is very simple: humans can’t stop using them! This drink ware product is notably used by espresso drinkers and every body who loves enjoying a cup of tea or hot chocolate within the morning.

    Making custom Mugs to promote Your organisation
    In this newsletter:

    Why spend money on custom coffee Mugs
    exposure from Promotional espresso Mugs
    5 strategies of espresso Mug Printing
    showcase Your emblem Like a pro through Promotional products!

    Why spend money on custom espresso Mugs
    Why invest in custom espresso Mugs | one-of-a-kind approaches To Print On Promotional Mugs The countrywide espresso association and The forte espresso association of the us mentioned that there are one hundred fifty million each day drinkers in the usa, in which 30 million American adults drink uniqueness espresso liquids day by day.

    publicity from Promotional espresso Mugs
    these figures sincerely propose that human beings in the U.K. are more likely to understand you after they receive a custom and branded mug from you. So, have your logo imprinted on this drink ware, and also you’ll get lengthy-lasting publicity because recipients get to peer your logo every day!

    five techniques of espresso Mug Printing
    earlier than you location an order from your maximum depended on promotional product provider, it’ll assist plenty if you apprehend how promotional custom mugs are produced. beneath are five specific methods to print on espresso mugs.

    1. Direct display Printing on Promotional Mugs
    Direct display screen printing is on the whole used for low-price range printing on earthenware and bone china mugs. It follows a system in which the ink passes through a mesh display. It also employs a stencil, that is implemented to the stretched mesh. inside the stencil, little holes will have an effect on the final photo this is revealed onto the mug.

    This system is simplest suitable for easy and smaller designs, as well as much less disturbing photograph registration and overlapping colours. it could’t additionally produce complicated halftone shades because each colour stays in its very own area and is unbiased of any adjoining coloration.

    2. switch or Litho Print trademarks on Mugs

    transfer printing, commonly referred to as litho printing, is a traditional technique of setting a print on bone china mugs, earthenware, and ceramics. The layout is litho-published onto a unique paper then cowl-covered onto the mug. After coating, the print goes into a water slide switch and applied by means of hand to the drink ware.

    This technique is slower and extra hard work extensive compared to direct screen printing. however, it’s more bendy with hues and has a 4-coloration printing manner. it can be used on promotional mugs with an average to massive printing area and intrinsic picture detail and tight registration.

    three. virtual Printing on one of a kind Mugs
    digital Printing on specific Mugs | distinct methods To Print On Promotional Mugs
    some other  printing technique is virtual printing. This technique imprints an photo or design directly on a particularly coated paper. just like switch printing, the photo is applied to the substrate using a water slide switch. It additionally offers a full-color and permanent artwork look, making this an remarkable technique for wares with  prints and photographic images.

    This approach is the best printing option for photograph or caricature photographs on both earthenware merchandise and bone china mugs. but, it’s no longer applicable for pics with robust primary colors or colored glazed ceramics.

    4. Dye Sublimation on Promotional custom Mugs
    some of the 5 printing strategies, dye sublimation is the only process that guarantees colorful print layout and correct coloration duplicate. It uses organic coloration dyes and utilizes heat switch to ink the desired art work on the surface of the mug, for this reason, ensuring the layout still looks state-of-the-art even after an prolonged time frame.

    This technique is ideally designed for promotional mugs that require a complete-colour image, rapid turnaround, and shiny effect colors. It also boasts a smooth appearance due to its various coloration spectrum. Dye sublimation is likewise environmentally-pleasant and eliminates the usage of dangerous substances, together with lead and cadmium.

    5. Pad Printing on Promotional Mugs
    Pad printing generation isn’t only a famous method used in imprinting logos on golf balls. it is able to additionally be used in etching an picture onto different merchandise like mugs. It makes use of high-overall performance materials like printing pad, picture plate, and ink to create as extremely good an image design as possible.

    This device is apt for printing trademarks on ceramic, glass, metal, silicone and plastic mugs but no longer for earthenware mugs and other pottery-like products. The procedure is pretty much like display screen printing because it may print on curved surfaces. it can additionally absorb to 4 spot colorings or pre-combined ink colors, which minimizes the probability of unwanted photograph distortion.

    show off Your logo Like a pro through Promotional products!
    in view that espresso mugs are utilized by nearly anyone each day, considering them as a promotional giveaway can be a smart choice. imagine, recipients get to sip their favored drink from a cute mug, even as you get maximum emblem publicity. That’s definitely a win-win state of affairs for you and your customers!

    To make this happen, you have to put money into satisfactory promotional mugs that could showcase your logo efficiently. brand X realizes the significance of first-rate first-class print and offers a satisfactory selection of espresso mugs and branded drinkware which can be meticulously designed in keeping with our consumer’s needs.

    For more data approximately our agency and our widespread range of products, go to

    Promotional merchandise, which include custom mugs, is the most effective advertising medium you can use to thank your customers. They’re a top notch manner to specific your appreciation to your customer even as selling your employer and encouraging brand loyalty at the same time. in case you need to examine extra about how your corporation can enjoy the blessings of promotional products, don’t hesitate to touch us.

    Do you have got greater questions about making your promotional drinkware? sense free to let us recognize in the comments section below.

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  • 22/03/2019 - louis hardy 0 Comments


    mugs are an incredibly famous promotional merchandise, and we offer both earthenware and china. earthenware is the greater popular and much less highly-priced style, and there are numerous shapes offered. there are much less china shapes offered, and the prices are a chunk higher, but a few clients prefer the extra delicate appearance and sense of this fashion of mug.

    mugs are normally furnished in multiples of 36 (the traditional carton amount) and the minimal amount we are able to supply is 72 mugs. higher quantities could be 108, 25 and 504, for example.

    the maximum commonplace form of adornment of a personalized mug is display screen printing in one, or more colours. it's far feasible also to print full coloration printing, but the set-up costs and the unit fees to produce and practice the transfer, can be appreciably better.

    as soon as the photo is ‘fired’ onto the mug, in a kiln, it need to be dishwasher proof, but, that is always difficulty to how frequently it's miles washed and the strength of the dishwasher. it's far constantly high-quality to test first! china mugs, which regularly have a gold rim and deal with flash carried out, won’t be suitable for a dishwasher (nor a microwave, because the gold paint which is carried out, has real gold content material).

    we also offer latte mugs, cups and saucers, commemorative plates and ceramic coasters.

    certain colours are hard to print as it should be, due to the fact whilst the mug is fired, the colour may additionally alternate. colorings inside the red to red range are mainly complex.
    screen fees are carried out according to coloration printed, but those tend now not to be relevant on orders of 504 and over.
    each mug can have a specific print place. this could want to start a bit far from the deal with, and faraway from both the bottom and the rim. the shapes of sure mugs, particularly ones which taper, way that the print region can be reduced in depth.
    in the print place, any component may be revealed. the most commonplace format is where a brand or design is repeated front and back, with both the identical info, or slightly exclusive on one of the sides. this indicates the drinker can see the same picture as a person across the desk. we will print different layouts, where the brand or textual content is printed opposite the handle.
    some other pleasing style is the ‘wow’ mug, wherein the layout is masked by means of a black print, which quickly disappears while hot tea or espresso is brought, accordingly dramatically exposing the the photo underneath.
    we now offer acrylic mugs which might be an appealing and stylish alternative, in an environment in which ceramic breakages might be an issue.

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    ​why custom customized mugs boost your employer

    why custom customized mugs boost your employer

    custom mugs / louis hardy
    allow a personalised custom mug do your advertising and marketing for you.
    there’s nothing extra comforting at some stage in one of those lengthy work conferences, than taking a swig of tea out of your mug. what if that mug just happened to be a free present which you’d obtained whilst signing up on your new fitness center membership.

    we adore to receive unfastened gifts, better nonetheless if they're useful and can be used in our every day lives. promotional merchandise like branded mugs are a exceptional manner to get your emblem in front of your goal clients each day – at the workplace on their desks, at home, or on-the-go together with a journey mug.

    custom mug
    logo mug
    here are a few reasons why promotional mugs are nonetheless topping the charts as being one of the most promotional gifts:
    one very good reason is that they’re attempted and examined. in case you’re worried about how well your gifts may be received by way of your clients, and also you’d like a low danger, high impact product. then promotional mugs are a perfect answer.

    humans will constantly respect receiving a mug to sip on their tea and espresso in the course of the day! it’s essential that human beings acquire a gift they certainly recognize, because they'll then companion that positivity together with your brand call. with a view to instil a tremendous mindset in the direction of your corporation.

    the extra focus you construct with your existing and ability clients, the extra danger you have got of them selecting your merchandise. the effect of promo mugs on brand consciousness is big.

    humans stated they usually take into account the logo name or call of the organisation for a protracted period of time after receiving it. fact

    research discovered that over ninety four% of people who participated in the have a look at said that they keep in mind the emblem after using a branded mug.

    agency mug
    company mug
    and subsequently, don’t mug them off!
    don’t discard mugs as a promotional object because you observed they might be over used, too secure or dull. they may probably remain one of the most famous promotional gadgets for decades to come. in anything manner making a decision to apply promotional mugs to your advertising and marketing campaigns, they’re a high-quality manner to build attention and boom sales ultimately. contact us now or head to our custom mugs web page.

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    ​espresso and productiveness go hand in hand

    espresso and productiveness go hand in hand

    retaining the workday at the workplace walking easily may be a venture; for plenty people, the bits and bobs of strolling a business can take its toll at the morale and productiveness of personnel. however, there may be a notably smooth way to help matters along when you hit that mid-week droop. current studies indicates that supplying personnel with a unfastened espresso carrier can help to enhance the general productiveness of the workplace, as well as employee satisfaction.

    these days, many agencies are cutting lower back on excess charges and matters just like the provision of coffee and tea are regularly the primary things to go. they may be seen as unnecessary or maybe time-wasting. but the fact is that an less expensive coffee and tea service has plenty of blessings, as shown in recent research through Fla-via. two thirds of personnel who took element in this examine said that the provision of unfastened hot drinks at work made them experience that their employers cared about their nicely-being, even as 43% of these surveyed believed that espresso helped to boom their productivity. beverages with caffeine, together with tea and espresso, can help to enhance attention and boom electricity levels, when consumed in moderate, healthful quantities.

    some enterprise proprietors may additionally fear that providing unfastened tea and espresso offerings may also motive a lower in efficiency, whilst in fact the alternative is the case. It changed into discovered that after espresso isn't always supplied for personnel in the workplace, a 5th of these operating there will go away the office to purchase their espresso someplace else, for a total of 15-20 minutes. those types of breaks add as much as quite a pretty penny in term of loss of productivity and are a long way longer in length than a destroy taken on the office for a quick cup of coffee. quick breaks, of about 5 minutes, can provide personnel that refreshment they need to work at their pleasant.

    So it seems clean that giving personnel their daily caffeine raise is a win-win situation; it will increase efficiency and guarantees that personnel realize that the enterprise owners care about their group of workers. offering excellent mugs is a fashionable a part of a coffee service, and a far more  (and finances friendly!) way to serve hot drinks than in disposable cups. Take this idea a step further by using including your agency name to those mugs, so that employees can help to promote enterprise, even when they’re taking a well deserved spoil.

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    Gaga For Tea?

    we like our promotional mugs and a spot of tea, however no one more so then the eccentric lady Gaga, who these days got into a panic after dropping her preferred teacup.

    The Poker Face singer by no means leaves the house without her floral cup and saucer, and changed into even seen taking a swig from it on ‘Friday night time with Jonathan Ross’. but she by chance left at the back of her treasured china mug at a restaurant in London remaining week.

    whilst returning back to her inn she found out her mug was missing, and spent £35 on a taxi to head an pick up her mug once more. The 23-12 months-old American singer – who goes by using the call of Stefani Germanotta – even achieved on the Brit Awards dressed as a teacup!

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  • 21/03/2019 - Louis Hardy 0 Comments
    So you think your funny?

    think your funny do you? good enough fair enough then, properly all you have to do is us a humorous little tale about your mugs or mug associated gadgets, and we’ll ship you some lovable unfastened mugs.

    send us a bit story approximately; mugs, tea, espresso, cafes, chocolate biscuits, and first rate prizes will discover their way to you (in case you consist of your address). offering you don’t surprise us with profanities, we are able to publish your mind on our web site, so you may also find your way to internet stardom too.

    they say a photo says a thousand words, so if your abilities are greater appropriate to photography, ship us to your snaps – and you’ll get free stuff too!

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    ​Printed mugs are one of the maximum commonplace gadgets

    Printed mugs are one of the maximum commonplace gadgets bought by way of people who want to sell their business. there are many reasons for the iconic reputation of mugs, not least of that's their affordability. whilst luxurious promotional items honestly have their vicinity in a strong advertising campaign, for lots new or smaller groups, the price of these items is genuinely too high. In such instances, mugs are the suitable alternative; their value-effectiveness allows entrepreneurs to shop for them in huge quantities, which in turn approach that they may be better capable of unfold the word approximately their business.

    in addition to being less costly, mugs are a consistent favorite with enterprise owners due to the truth that they're utilized by nearly all and sundry. Brits are known for his or her love of tea and espresso, and definitely each place of business and household within the uk has at least a few mugs in its canteen or kitchen. As such, irrespective of which demographic a business proprietor intends to goal, they can nonetheless opt for published mugs while advertising their enterprise, secure in the information that the recipients will admire and make use of their promotional presents.

    In terms of what sort of mug to shop for, the primary and possibly most important attention is the cloth from which the object is made. this could decide the fee, sturdiness and visual attraction of the mug and as such, it's crucial to select cautiously. the two maximum famous options are ceramic and bone china; the previous are a fave among the ones in need of a price range-friendly promotional product, while the latter are commonly preferred by commercial enterprise proprietors seeking out a greater high-priced object.

    Ceramic styles like the Cambridge Mug have a tendency to be very durable, which makes them ideal for everyday use, as they are able to face up to a first-rate deal of wear and tear. Their robustness also means that they are likely to remaining for several years, and for this reason provide the logo they're advertising with lengthy-time period exposure. Bone china mugs are similarly long lasting, however have the brought benefit of getting a completely excessive perceived cost, because of this that they may be ideal for those who want to in reality provoke potential customers. Bone china mugs also have a completely conventional, stylish appearance, which makes them especially suitable for business people who require promotional merchandise for formal dining events, and different unique occasion.

    A miniature porcelain cup dating lower back to the Ming Dynasty, has offered for £21.5m at an auction in Hong Kong.

    Nicholas Chow, Sotheby’s deputy chairman for Asia, guffawing hysterically, commented “There’s no more legendary item inside the history of chinese language porcelain”, whilst taking into account the (suspected) 20% commission on the sale.

    The purchaser, Liu Yiqian, is truly no longer one to chook out of large purchases, with an expected fortune of £538m, he is the 200th richest character in China. His modern-day acquisition is just 8 centimeters in diameter but 500 years old. The ‘bird cup’, so-known as because it's miles decorated with a poultry and chook tending to their chicks, became made all through the reign of the Ming Dynasty’s Chenghua Emperor, who dominated from 1465 to 1487.

    over the last decade, fees of chinese language artwork have soared in tandem with the usa’s economic system, and whilst the marketplace has moderated in view that 2011, call for for the best-excellent Chinese artwork has remained consistent. although, many dealers anticipated the cup to fetch a fair higher price, because it fell just short of its extraordinary estimate.

    For the equivalent £21.5m, Mr Yiqian should have contacted the pleasant crew of promotions professionals at the The Mug Factory, and bought approximately 30,000,000 printed Cambridge mugs, instead of his unmarried cup, however there may be no accounting for man or woman taste. If like Mr Yiqian published bone china is your cup of tea, then The Mug Factory has more than a few traditional and modern-day shapes to fit all works of art.

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    Reasons We're Emotionally Attached to Our Favorite Mugs

    almost 60% of human beings stated they had an emotional attachment to a fave mug in a survey by the heinz organisation. about forty% stated their unique mug turned into irreplaceable, and approximately one-1/3 said they would be devastated if it broke.

    but you in all likelihood didn’t want a survey to tell you that many of us become quite emotionally, irrationally connected to our favorite mugs. take my boyfriend’s cutting-edge mug of choice: it’s small, chipped and emblazoned with a hackneyed phrase, but his affection for it far surpasses any goal really worth.

    see, my 60ish boyfriend has been around given that my grandson, Dylan, was born. however because we aren’t married, we careful grown-u.s.a.stopped quick of relating to him as one in every of Dylan's grandfathers. more than one Christmases ago, Dylan, by means of then a second-grader, made a declaration by means of picking out and deciding to buy the “international’s best grandpa” mug himself.

    now it holds pleasure of place at the kitchen shelf.

    for my part, i’m a fan of a mug in an autumnal shade of orange, which strikes a chord in my memory of a lovely fall weekend my boyfriend and i spent in st. germain, wisconsin. because both of our prized mugs have shared associations, just seeing one of us the use of his or her unique mug can bring up heat, fuzzy feelings within the other. but woe be to both of us who has the audacity to clearly drink from the opposite’s mug.

    perhaps you cherish your very own favorite mug and feel extremely-possessive approximately it. right here's the heritage on its deep mental appeal:

    whats up, that’s my mug

    part of the pull is the simple experience of personal possession. numerous research of the endowment impact—the tendency for people to overvalue their very own possessions—sincerely looked at human beings’s valuations in their espresso mugs. researchers discovered that humans ascribed extra fee to a mug once they owned it.

    if you’ve ever grabbed some other man or woman’s prized mug in the spoil room or at a relative’s residence, you know the way intensely possessive mug owners may be. in the heinz survey, one-6th of members admitted that they could sulk if someone else use their mug.

    it strikes a chord in my memory of the time…

    yet there is some thing greater occurring right here: human beings are much more likely to be captivated with a fave mug than, say, a favorite fork. one purpose: mugs are commonplace presents, souvenirs and keepsakes, so we often accomplice them with a liked person, region, or time. the feelings the mug conjures up can be effective, even if you aren’t privy to the source.

    toni coleman, lcsw, cmc, a psychotherapist and dating coach in mclean, virginia, says she’s mainly attached to a sturdy, brown mug she has owned for years. “i received it one brilliant summer time i spent residing on the beach when i was 22,” she says. “once I study or drink from my mug, it conjures up feelings associated with that summer. there’s just something about it that feels correct and feels secure, despite the fact that it’s on an unconscious provides continuity with the beyond and reminds me of who i used to be.”

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    The mug Factory owner is a gym freak personal trainer!

    When i am not working on printed mugs i help people reach their full potential all shapes and sizes. I train roughley between 7 and 11 hours a week.

    My face book page is: My name is Paulie P and i beleive in fitness

    In my view anybody as the right to have access for training so i have allowed access to my own app for free you can use it in the gym, set your nutrition plan,

    exercise plan add photos skys the limit. inbox me and i will add you to it.

    My Fitness app

    If you need fitness advice ask inbox me and i will help

    GTFP9 T King Rhino Daley VS Paul Harding (Amateur Middleweight Bout)

    My name is Paulie P and i beleive in fitness

    Enjoy and inbox me on anything mug or fitness related

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    Buy printed mugs from the mug factory UK

    So you have bought poor quality mug that say they are dishwasher safe and as soon as you place them in the dishwasher they peel and fade.

    Now you may ask why? The reason is they are transfers and not heat printed on the reason why card shops do this is to keep the costs down by

    buying cheap and charging a modest price they make a good margin. The majority of these mugs are imported in bulk from china. We are constantly 

    contacted by manufacturers offering to supply mugs but we don't even reply as they are not quality products!

    So why should you buy from the mug factory?

    We do not outsource so we know what we are selling is quality!

    All our small batches are quality inspected!

    We do not mass produce so you get a more personalised service!

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    Comedy Printed mugs and comedians who influence!!!

    All the Printed mugs we stock are not intended to offend anybody they are intended to be funny create a talking point. When people drink tea or coffee they talk and laughter is good for you. Comedians like Richard Pryer,Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle all though most of there comedy is gross and insensitive does educate people to political issues. Comedy brings people together makes us learn and understand each other like no other medium just watch these clips of some of the above comedians and i think you get my point?

    Early in Richard Pryer's career he was light hearted and clean like Bill Cosby (his idol). I believe this was his first performance he did where he converted to start telling a really different (adult themed) kind of comedy.

    The Chronicle

    comedy humour has long been an avenue for people to express their personal and political beliefs. The rise of late-night comedy shows that deal with political issues reflects our nation’s widespread engagement with politics.
    Political comedy can be interpreted in two ways: as making light of a serious situation or illustrating the absurdity existent in the former and call for meaningful change.
    As the every nation’s capital's, United states has Washington D.C., is host to many comedy groups that incorporate politically charged humour in their routines.
    In the fall of 2016, the Washington Improv Theater staged a comedic production with a political focus, “POTUS Among Us.” The show, an improvised satirical presidential debate, is reprised every four years in tune with the presidential election cycle.

    “Decisions in politics will make a difference to our lives. Not to comment on them would be irresponsible,” Chalfant said. He views comedy as an effective way to deal with the state of politics today.
    “Comedic relief is a real thing,” Chalfant said. “Tension is released biologically and chemically when people laugh together and feel that sense of community in a room.”
    Although comedians may not propose real solutions to the political issues brought up in their shows, Chalfant maintains that it is important for comedians to have decisive political views of their own.
    Georgetown University comedy clubs share Chalfant’s perspective as well. Students frequently engage in political banter through on-campus comedy groups.
    From the Georgetown Improv Association to The Georgetown Heckler, a satirical news magazine, students can join a variety of comedy clubs at Georgetown.
    The Heckler, for example, publishes satirical political and lifestyle pieces.  Some groups, like The Heckler, choose to use comedy as a forum to discuss politics, whereas others, like Georgetown Improv, use comedy as an escape from the American political scene.
    Sean Lerner (SFS ’20), a member of Georgetown Improv, discussed the group’s intentional avoidance of politics in its routines. Instead, the comedy group performs a variety of ridiculous yet relatable comedic bits that provide an outlet from Georgetown’s politically engaged campus. On the night after the inauguration, the group performed without incorporating a single scene that even remotely broached the topics of politics or the government.
    “The audience actually thanked us after the show for doing so,” Lerner said.
    Whether it be on Georgetown’s campus or in the greater D.C. community, comedians use their skills to provide meaningful social commentary on the state of political affairs in the United States today.
    Comedy enables society to highlight to divisive issues, or alternatively, to forget about politics altogether. How we choose to engage is up to us.!!!

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    Coffee recipes for you to try!!!

    Hazelnut espresso, caramel macchiato or Viennese coffee: these are just some of the delicious hot coffee recipes we recommend trying the next time you crave something different on your coffee break.

    Easy to make and small in size, our Viennese coffee still bursts with heavenly flavour. This is a coffee recipe that paints a sumptuous picture of Viennese elegance with every sip.PREPARATION
    Pour 10 grams (0.3oz) of chocolate syrup into a small glass.Prepare a long espresso, pour it into the glass and add the whipped cream.Sprinkle with chocolate flakes.Done! Enjoy a divine coffee break with a gourmet flavour.

    PREPARATION Brew an espresso in a cappuccino cup.Add 60ml of the Mint Milk Cream.Lightly dust with bitter cocoa powder.Preparation of Mint Milk Cream (serves 2):Pour the cold whole milk into a large bowl.Add the double cream, milk and mint syrup.Whip with an electric whisk to obtain a soft fluffy mixture.

    PREPARATION Cut 2 slices of fresh ginger and place in a small clear glass.Prepare an espresso in a small glass.Generously dust with the cinnamon-icing sugar mix.Top up with hot milk cream trying to add as little milk as possible.Dust another sprinkle of the cinnamon-sugar icing mix.

    PREPARATION Pour 50ml of hot chocolate into a glass. Dispense an espresso lungo (50ml) over the chocolate.Top up with lightly stirred double cream so that it floats on the surface.

    And of course for the perfect cup of coffee we recommend one of The Mug Factory mugs but of course we would!!!!

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    Three new arrivals to our printed mugs collection!!!!!

    Hope all our customers new and existing had a very good Christmas!

    we have just uploaded three new mugs 

    Worlds Best dressed Hugo Boss with a killer look printed mug

    T-55  World of Tanks Mug

    Henry the 8TH Printed portrait mug

    If you like the The Mug Factory please share this site to your freind's so we do not disapear!

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    Interested in Knowing more about us?

    If your interested in knowing more about the mug factory 

    fill the form in below 

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    We were offline for a few days for some modifications

    Hope everybody is getting ready for Christmas and not feeling to stressed?

    Please bare in mind on the run up to christmas we are buisy with orders so if your having

    customised mugs made allow us as much time as you can so it can be complted in time for christmas!

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    The Kray twins prison years

    Love or hate the Kray twins they are part of London east end history. They did a lot

    of bad pimping young boys to people like lord Boothby amongst many others! The 

    biggest cover up ever known as been perpetrated and still is being covered up to this


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    Del boy mugs

    Derek Edward Trotter, more commonly known as "Del Boy", is the main character in the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, as well as the Deuteronomy in it's prequel Rock & Chips. ... Del lives with his brother Rodney, his "significant other" Raquel, and their son Damien.

    comedy legends famously used hare-brained schemes to try to make their millions, but it turns out all they needed was patience as a finance expert has declared that they would be rolling in it in today’s market.

    In fact the comedy duo, played by Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, would be worth over £3 million in 2017. Sixty episodes of Only Fools And Horses were watched for the research, with finance expert Jasmine Birtles explaining: ‘If you look at all the accumulated assets Del Boy and Rodney had over the seven series of Only Fools And Horses they would be millionaires today and living the luxury lifestyle they always aspired to. ‘A three-bedroom flat in Peckham would be worth a fortune in today’s market.

    Del Boy really could use the phrase ‘this time next year, we’ll be millionaires’ – think about all of the mange tout he could buy!

    Look out for our Del boy printed mug will be uploaded shortley!

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    Minions invade THE MUG FACTORY

    We have no idea why the minions invade our factory but it was entertaining to say the least,

    no harm was done and minion was harmed during filming!

    While the staff had to deal with the chaos as well as their own problems but they got on with it,

    with a little awkward laughter!

    Normally I have a strict ban on Minion jokes from anyone, but Superstore has earned my utmost respect with this one. Anyone who can build sexual tension between two romantic leads dressed in Minion costumes deserves my damn respect!

    Now do not forget Christmas is just round the corner so if your thinking about having a custom made gift mug for a loved one or friend,try and give as much notice as you can!!  We get a lot of last minute orders Christmas time and it can get a little stressful not that were complaining.

    Were going to upload a few more new mugs a Kurt Meyer and a Delboy trotter mug for good measure.

    Call Us Now to Place an Order
    0121 659 5780

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    Sorry i have not Blogged for a few weeks i was on jury service!

    The last two weeks have been crazy as i was called up jury service but i got through it and did my bit, an experience to say the least!

    Well enough of that we just created four new mugs in limited numbers so feel free to take a look

    MR. Tea Biscuit mug



    Fonzie mug

    Please let us know what you think of these printed mugs whatever you think let us know we aim to please and get better at the same time, that's what its all about for our team!

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    The Mug factory Ex-plainer video!

    Hopefully our ex-plainer video as helped answer your questions about our family ran business if not do not hesitate to contact us!

    The Mug factory

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    Donald trump is a controversial president you either love him or hate him!

    Donald trump is a controversial president you either love him or hate him!

    But you have to hand it to the man he is not afraid to say what he thinks regardless of who it may upset

    His he just to honest for diplomacy ? Only time will tell on that!!

    Please Like our site The Mug Factory share on face book,twitter and any other social media site you like!

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    Promotional mugs which one is the correct one for you?

    Sublimation mugs are one of the most common items purchased by those who wish to promote their business. There are many reasons for the enduring popularity of mugs, not least  is their affordability. Whilst luxury promotional items certainly have their place in a strong marketing campaign, for many new or smaller businesses, the cost of these goods is simply too high. In these cases, mugs are the perfect alternative; the cost-effectiveness allows entrepreneurs to buy them in large quantities, which in turn means that they are better able to spread the word about the business.

    With addition to being affordable, mugs are a consistent favourite with business owners due to the fact that they are used by almost everyone. Brits are known for their love of tea and coffee, and virtually every workplace and household in the UK has at least a few mugs in its canteen or kitchen. As such, regardless of which demographic a business owner intends to target, they can still opt for sublimation mugs when advertising their business, safe in the knowledge that the recipients will appreciate and make use of their promotional gifts.
    In terms of what type of mug to buy, the first and perhaps most important consideration is the material from which the item is made. This will determine the cost, durability and visual appeal of the mug and as such, it's important to choose carefully. The two most popular options are ceramic and bone china; the former are a favourite amongst those in need of a budget-friendly promotional product, whilst the latter are usually preferred by business owners looking for a more luxurious item.
    Ceramic styles like the Cambridge Mug tend to be very durable, which makes them perfect for everyday use, as they can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Their robustness also means that they are likely to last for several years, and thus provide the brand they're advertising with long-term exposure. Bone china mugs are equally durable, but have the added advantage of having a very high perceived value, which means that they are ideal for those who want to really impress potential customers. Bone china mugs also have a very traditional, elegant appearance, which makes them particularly suitable for business people who require promotional products for formal dining events, and other special occasions.

    The Mug Factory

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    Mugs that become collectors items!

    The Mug Factory

    Were the mug factory is different we work directly with people on a one to one basis find out what they really want, because when a customer wants a custom made mug usually it being used to tell a story.

    A commemoration to a soldier  or homage, this is what we believe sets the mug factory apart from others, we have all been there your telling somebody what you want but they do not truly listen talking at you not to you this is were were different! Does not matter if your not local with the aid of the internet and email and skype we can give you that personal touch you need.

    Sublimation mugs that embrace on single national moment in time have a good chance of becoming collector’s items in years to come. Such events include the birth of the Royal baby, the Olympics, the coronation of the Queen and so on. These must be launched at the exact time of the event so they are snapped up willingly. If they are a few months late they will be seen as out of date, until years have passed making them memory keepsakes.
    At the Mug factory we always follow the latest trends and events, bringing you commemorative mugs that can include your branding or logo. From sporting memorabilia to royalist mugs, you can create a collector’s item that also promotes your business.
    Contemporary mugs that capture a trend can become collectors’ items, for example mugs that embrace science fiction, comics, sayings (remember Wass uppp?) or fashions. Eighties and nineties mugs sporting bands of the era are now very popular along with original mugs from Doctor Who or Star Wars. Right now Angry Birds, Facebook and the Keep Calm series are the collector’s items of the future.
    You may want to consider items that are collected by people and see if you can create a mug that appeals to their collection. The most popular collected items include:
    • Animals, people collect pigs, dogs, elephants, butterflies, cats and frogs.
    • Movies, people collect items that relate to a specific cult movie franchise such as Star Wars or Harry Potter
    • Toys, many people collect toys such as Lego, action figures, retro or even Barbie dolls.

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    Health Benefit of drinking tea from our personalised mugs over coffee!!!

    coffee and tea have their benefits, though it’s always hard to pinpoint exactly what those are due to the large amount of contradictory studies. Researchers have focused on specific potential benefits of coffee, with some studies finding that coffee might have the ability to reduce the incidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s or even type 2 diabetes, for example. Coffee has a higher caffeine content than tea, meaning its levels of the stimulant might help people with asthma by relaxing the lung's airways. Caffeine also helps in constricting blood vessels in the brain and reducing migraines, and often alleviates hangovers because of this.

    Tea on the other hand, is filled with antioxidants and potential cancer-fighting properties. According to the National Cancer Institute at the NIH, tea contains polyphenol compounds, which are antioxidants that might aid in cancer prevention. Though not enough has been studied to conclude whether tea does in fact reduce the risk of cancer, tea has often been considered a therapeutic or medicinal drink that has both soothing and rejuvenating qualities. All types of tea are made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, which wilt and oxidize after harvesting; oxidation results in the breaking down of chemicals. The amount of oxidation that occurs in the leaves is what defines different types of teas, from black tea to white tea, and of course green tea. Polyphenols in particular are a group of plant chemicals that are believed to be involved in health benefits — especially in green tea. Teas with the highest levels of polyphenols are usually brewed hot teas rather than cold (and sugary) bottled teas. Polyphenols in green tea, and theaflavins and thearubigins in black tea, contain free radicals that might protect cells from DNA damage.

    way too much coffee and tea could result in increased anxiety, tachycardia, heart palpitations, insomnia, restlessness, and nausea. High amounts of unfiltered coffee, meanwhile, has been linked to higher levels of bad cholesterol, LDL. Tea contains fluoride, and while this is good for your dental health, too much of it may increase your risk of brittle bones and osteofluorosis. Certain tea blends from China, India, or Sri Lanka have been found to contain aluminum and risky amounts of lead, so where you get your tea is pretty important.
    To be completely honest, however, you’re better off leaving the heavy cream and three packs of sugar out of your drinks — and stop worrying about whether coffee trumps tea or vice versa. Both drinks have vague cons and benefits, but are, for the most part, pretty decent for you. Too much sugar, on the other hand, is quite the villain.

    While coffee can do the same, tea has the added benefit of generally being just pure H2O with that awesome tea flavour, meaning that when it’s a scorching hot summer day, it’s much more beneficial to sip down some tea (hot or cold) as it’ll replace any fluids you’ve lost through sweating. 

    scientific evidence remains a bit unsure, but the fact that tea has been linked to improving your health since legendary Chinese emperor Shennong wrote about it almost five thousand years in an almanac surely means something.

    tea has less caffeine than coffee when given in the same amount of servings, this isn’t actually true. Tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee, and while both are stimulants, coffee has a much bigger depressing effect (not making you sad but reducing your energy levels) than tea, meaning that while both tea and coffee will give you a bigger rush of caffeine, with coffee, the high will also last shorter and drop quicker. If you’re wanting something to keep you going through the work day.

    In the modern era, it’s much easier to just brew a cup of tea. Place teabag in a cup of hot water, remove after a few minutes, and you’re done. Admittedly the era of instant coffee makes coffee much easier to brew too, but in our world of gourmet coffees, it does seem much easier to plonk a teabag into a mug of hot water and have some instant relief.

    Antioxidants are fantastic for keeping your body ticking over and looking and feeling fantastic, hence why a lot of companies have jumped aboard the bandwagon of sticking antioxidants into products.

    Relatively recent research has indicated that green tea might be a great aid in helping people who want to lose weight. It might down to the fact that green tea helps kick start your metabolism or simply that tea is a better substitute as a practically calorie-free drink as opposed to downing soft drinks to quench your thirst. Plus you can’t really add much to tea to give it extra calories. Check out your nearest coffee house and see how many options there are that can be ultra-fattening to put on top of your coffee.

    Drink too much tea, and we’re talking a lot here, and you’re getting too much fluoride in there. Drink a reasonable amount and you’re fine and unlike coffee, you don’t have the unwarranted side effect of discolouration when it comes to drinking a lot of your favourite cup of coffee.

    The physical cause behind this remains unknown or murky at best, it’s a well-known fact that tea is used cross-culturally as a bonding tool as well as refreshment, which goes some way to explaining why some cultures have tea so deeply ingrained as part of their customs (e.g. the British). Tea, or rather specifically, green tea has also been found to work as an anti-depressant.

    while you’re battling a bout of intense flu (apart from the benefits of just drinking something and helping to flush the bug out of your system), drinking tea can really help set up and improve your immune system for next time. It’s kind of like setting up a security software on your computer.

    Juncao Reishi Black Coffee The Mug Factory

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    Why is it good to get someone a gift?

    Why Gift Giving is Important!!!!  When we give gifts, we are giving something willingly without wanting something in return. Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them.

    It may be nerve-wracking finding a great gift for someone. Finding a gift that the recipient will enjoy takes a bit of forward thinking and  understanding of the recipient's personality and tastes.

    check these top tips out!!!

    Make a list of the person’s interests and preferences. Personalise the gift by sitting down  making a list of the person’s interests and likes, dislikes. Try to write down as many specific items or experiences that the person has told you she likes or is known to enjoy. For example, you may write down that your friend likes video games, movies, and Indian food. You may also think about if the person is an introvert, who prefers to experience things in small groups or one on one, or an extrovert who wants to learn new skills and meet new groups of people.
    You should also take into account the age of the person. An individual who is 46 years old may appreciate a different gift than someone who is 18 years old. If you have a close relationship to the person, intimate or friendly, you may select a gift that is more personal. If you are not a close with the person, you may choose a gift that is more useful or accessible.

    Identify items the person may need. 

    Think are there any items the person may need in his or her day to day lives or a big purchase that the person needs to do but has been putting off. This could be a new kitchen appliance the person has been eyeing or a new backpack the person needs for a new year of school. Look for practical gifts that still feel like a treat, as the gift may be out of the person’s budget or the person may not have time to get the item herself.
    Avoid going too far over their budget or it may be taken as an insult - consider what will be a surprise but not a shock.

    Sneak a look at the person’s online wish lists. 

    If you can be sneaky, try to look at the person’s online wish lists. Many online retailers, like eBay will allow users to make online wish lists of items that they like or want. If you can manage to get into the person’s account, you can look over her wish list and select a gift from there. Only sneak a look at his or her account if you are close to the person, such as a familial or intimate relationship, and if you think he or she will not mind you looking at her account for the sake of a good gift.

    Consider giving the person a sentimental item.

    Maybe get a photograph of the two of you together that you know the person likes. Frame the photograph and give it to him or her as a sentimental and thoughtful gift that she can display in her home. Another option is to take items that have sentimental value, such as a souvenir from the first time you went on vacation together, and put them in a memory box. The memory box is a decorative box that you can fill with sentimental items and give to someone. The items can act as a collection of memories that you both share.

    Arrange an experience as a gift.

    Often giving the gift of an experience can be more of a impact than giving a person an item. This could be a couples massage, a sky diving date, or dinner at the person’s favourite restaurant. Think of experiences that will surprise and excite the person, as these will often make a lasting impression. You can also give the person an experience in the form of audio books for a long road trip or drive. This would be a practical gift that would also help the person to fill her time learning and listening to a good story, which would make for a valuable experience.

    Donate your time as part of the gift.

    If the person is often stressed, overworked, or going through a hard time, offer to gift them your time. This could be by doing all the hard work for a week or by taking their kids out for the day so he or she has some free time to them self. Gifting your time can also be good for individuals who have physical or mental disabilities, as you can offer to take her for dinner and assist her for the night or run an errand for her that she will not able to do on her own.

    Create a homemade hostess gift. 

    A hostess gift is what you bring to someone's house when they are hosting you for dinner or for a get together. A classic hostess gift is a nice bottle of wine, but if your hosts do not drink or if you are looking for a more unique gift, you may go homemade. This could be a homemade mix of spices and seasonings in a nice jar or bottle for the host to throw on chicken or fish, or a homemade cake or loaf for dessert, wrapped in wax paper.

    Buy a practical gift for a teacher or boss. 

    If you are trying to find a suitable gift for an authority figure, like your teacher or your boss, you may opt for practical items. This could be a gift basket of school supplies, full of all of the teacher's essential school supplies for the next school year or a gift basket of tea and coffee, if your teacher enjoys warm, comforting beverages. Or, you could make her a personalised coffee sleeve for their coffee mug. For your boss, you may want to play it safe and go for a gift that is practical but also thoughtful, especially if you want to impress her. Look for a nice succulent plant in a pot or make her a glass terrarium to brighten up her office. If your boss drinks and enjoys cocktails, give her a seven piece cocktail set or a nice wine opener. If you know your boss' sense of humour, consider giving her a funny calendar for the new year that she can put on her desk.

    for most of us, when it comes to the people closest to us, we want to surprise them.
    We'll search high and low for the perfect gift -- one that proves just how well we know them. It takes a hundred times more effort, but so be it. Those are the gifts that people really treasure. Right?

    But Actually ...
    It turns out that -- surprise! -- people don't like surprises as much as we think they do. But some love them!!!

    Professors from Harvard and Stanford ran a series of experiments on gift-giving -- five of them, to be exact.

    What they found each time was that recipients generally just wanted to get the gift they explicitly asked for, and get this: The receivers actually perceived such explicitly-asked-for gifts as "more thoughtful and considerate" than the special surprise gifts the givers spent so much time trying to hunt down.

    Humans do not function according to logic. This isn't a criticism of the species, it's just a fact -- logic is a horrible way to predict how the human brain will react to something. Logically, it shouldn't be a big deal to find a dead tarantula in your breakfast cereal -- it can't hurt you, and you can eat around it -- but your brain will tell you, "Flee the room and burn the house down."

    While it feels good to be on the receiving end, there’s a feeling of self-gratification when you are the one who is doing the giving. This can’t be measured by monetary value. The happiness you get from opening a gift is only temporary, but giving provides a more self-fulfilling experience that lasts for a long period of time.
    We learn this when we are young. As children, we give our parents good grades that make them happy. A simple act can provide a good response. It has been proven that the act of giving makes us happier than receiving. It doesn’t matter how valuable the gift may be.
    Below are various reasons why people give gifts.
    Gifts as an expression of love
    Gift giving is an act of self-gratification. It is a good way of strengthening relationships. If you are in a friendship or a relationship, you should always show the other person how much you care for him or her. You don’t need to wait for an occasion in order to give a gift. Give one to show how much you love someone.
    Gifts for living well are ideal items to show your sincerity, as well as good intentions to a person. Essential oils that improve one’s wellness are better than chocolates or roses. Or you can opt to give gifts for elevating happiness and wellbeing.
    Gifts to celebrate a birthday
    A person’s birthday is a special milestone that should be celebrated each year. There’s no age limit for it. Whether the person is young or mature, it is important to give special attention to the person during one’s special day and be happy for being a year older. Making someone feel special during one’s birthday can be done with a thoughtful gift, such as with items that can help a person live well.
    Gifts to appreciate someone special
    They say that action speaks louder than words, and there’s no better way to say you appreciate someone than through gift giving. You can make someone happy with a simple gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can give a gift of appreciation to you father, mother, sister, brother, or anyone that has done something for you. A token of appreciation is heartfelt especially if is given sincerely. Corp-orates and business owners can also give gifts of appreciation to their employees for their hard work or for their special contribution to the business. It motivates the workers and makes them perform better. A token of appreciation can do wonders to the performance of your workforce.
    Gift giving to keep in touch
    Not seeing someone often should not be an excuse to ruin one’s relationship. Gifts can help in strengthening relationships. You can give a gift to stay in touch and keep that person in your life. There’s no better way to say you still care, then giving gifts for living well. The person will remember you every time he or she uses essential oil products or is sipping a cup of wonderful loose-leaf tea you gave the person.
    Gifts to say “Thanks”
    There are some instances when you need to give back to someone who has helped you or provided you a favor. Gift giving is an act that can show that you are thankful. Giving and receiving is the purest of reasons to give gifts. The receiver will truly feel your gratitude when you give gifts for elevating happiness and wellbeing.
    Gifts for anniversaries
    It is important for married couples to remember the day of their anniversary. This thoughtful gesture can be achieved by giving a gift. An anniversary can also be for a business venture. You can celebrate the milestone with a gift. You can also give a gift to people who started their own businesses. This is one way to show that you remember them during a special moment in their lives.
    Gifts for a new home
    You might not have the time to help someone move in or out of a new home, but you can give the person a gift for a new beginning. A new house is a big step, especially for people who are starting their own family.
    If you received an invitation to a housewarming party, it is customary that you would need to provide a gift to the new homeowners. It is also proper to bring a gift during the first visit to your friend’s new home. Gifts could be something they can use in the new house or gifts for elevating their happiness and wellbeing. Useful gifts are perfect for this milestone in life.
    Gifts for promotion or a new job
    A new job or a promotion is something that people get excited about. It is a self-fulfillment event, and you can make it more special by celebrating with them through gift giving. It means that you share their excitement, and are happy for them on their achievement.

    Where to Get Personalised Mugs? You have come to the Right Place!

    We know that the first sip of your favourite brew in the morning is priceless. So, it is only natural to want to enhance the moment with personalised mugs. If you’re wondering about where to get personalised mugs, wander no longer. Luckily for you, at THE MUG FACTORY, we have such an impressive range of mug choices that we are pretty sure you will find the perfect one.

    Highly Personalised Mugs
    Once you have decided which style of mug better suits your wishes, there is a further step of personalisation to ensure that the end result is truly unique. Unlike the large companies that mass produce generic images with generic txt, we allow you to send your images and your ideas and we speak to you to find out whats best for you! Ah that's an idea what's best for you our customer!

    what can i have on a personalised mug

    Perfect for home or at the office, our range of personalised mugs will lighten up your home or office.

    At The Mug Factory you can make your own mug. ... Be honest, how often have you stepped into work and your first thought has been coffee a lot more than you would like to admit i bet?

    Now a day's large corporate companies moonpig and vistaprint to name but a few produce generic images and in our view that does not truly count as personalised coffee mugs to us!

    One of our unique selling points is that we talk to our customers find out what they want and its not till there happy we produce there unique coffee mugs or mugs. All our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and we use sawgrass technology.

     Sawgrass Technologies is the industry-leading developer of high performance, digital printing inks, including sublimation and pigment inks. They integrate comprehensive solutions for printing high-quality, full-colour images onto ceramic, both natural and synthetic, as well as a variety of other substrates.  sawgrass gives vivid colours that are hard wearing fade resistant and using the Orca dishwasher safe mugs will last for years.

    The ORCA Promise
    Photo USA’s proprietary ORCA Coatings® ensures exceptionallyvibrant colours and high resolutions on a wide range of sublimation products, ranging from ceramic mugs to full-wrap polymer phone cases.Our ORCA Coatings® was developed with a devotion to the highest-standard of product quality. Using our 23 years of industry-leading experience, we engineered a coating that has surpassed all other-sin terms of quality, consistency, and durability.Products coated with our ORCA Coatings® are dishwasher-safe,microwave-safe, and incredibly long-lasting. This means that the colours of your image will not fade from the product even after multiple cycles through a dishwasher! All of our coatings are also approved by the FDA and compliant with Proposition 65.With our ORCA coated products, we are confident that we have the best quality product in the industry at the best price. With Photo USA and our ORCA Coatings®, you will receive exactly what you deserve: the best.

    The Mug Factory for your perfect unique gift

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    Personalised mugs to brighten up your day!

    Personalised Mugs

    Enjoy a hot beverage, but want to drink in style? 

    Our range of personalised Mugs are just the thing for you! Check out our range of Ceramic. Add your own image and text to personalise!

    Great Custom Mug Printing. ... Custom Personalised Mugs Preview .... looks good and has been through the dish washer a few times already with no problems.Create a personalised mug & choose from 100's of unique designs.

    In the UK the market could be said to have been started by the greetings card specialists in 2000 who pioneered the print on demand concept – as technology has improved this concept can be applied to 1000's of different products. 

    But theirs a problem with this as they are large companies you do not get a truly personalised service!

    As we are a small independent we take the trouble to make sure you are happy with the design before we produce the personalised mugs!!

    So check us out today and save our web address and if you need us just drop us an email and we will help create your perfect customised mug!

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    Reishi coffee health benefits!

    Reishi coffee is made by combining regular coffee beans with extract from the reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum).

    Reishi mushrooms (also known by their Chinese name, lingzhi mushrooms) have been used in traditional medical practices throughout Asia.
    The rarity of the mushroom meant that its use was isolated to the wealthy and royal, but reishi mushrooms can now be cultivated at a lower cost. This has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of reishi used both in foods and in supplements.
    Other products have emerged, including reishi coffees and teas, which are touted to provide the health benefits attributed to the mushroom, but without the bitter taste. What are the supposed benefits of Reishi mushroom coffee and how do you make?

    HOW IT WORKS:Traditional Chinese immune modulator
    Promotes healthy blood pressure & cholesterol
    Anti-oxidant used for anti-aging benefits

    Between 400 - 1800 mg per day

    Rated  Safe

    It could be said to much of anything is bad for you everything in moderation!

    more than 2000 years, reishi mushroom mycelium and fruiting bodies have been used in traditional medicinal systems, such as traditional Chinese medicine, to holistically normalize human health.
    Advocates claim that adding reishi decoctions and/or tinctures to coffee may help improve health and combat a number of disorders.
    However, there has been no research focusing on the therapeutic benefits of reishi coffee. While the effects of the coffee are being studied widely for anti-aging potential, reishi mushroom has also attracted scientific attention in the hopes of identifying its active constituents and mechanisms of action.
    In laboratory and animal studies, reishi mushroom has been observed to exhibit antiviral, anticancer, antihypertensive, cardioprotective, antidiabetic and immunomodulating properties.
    While some preliminary results are promising, there are no FDA recommendations concerning the precise therapeutic capacities of Ganoderma lucidum.
    Reishi Mushroom Uses
    The health effects of reishi coffee remain unknown. However, components of reishi mushrooms are being studied for a number of possible health benefits.
    In rodent and other animal tests, reishi mushroom extract has been observed to:
    Improve tolerance to chemotherapy and radiation treatments;
    Increase the number of immune systems constituents that can act against tumor cells;
    Inhibit tumor cells from metastasizing;
    Slow metalloproteinase production to limit tumor cell actions and proliferation;
    Increase the signaling strength of mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK);
    Elevate antioxidant concentrations in plasma samples;
    Make the ovaries more sensitive to the effects of cisplatin (a chemotherapy agent) and reduce cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity;
    The impact of reishi extracts on tumor development is likely due to a number of different actions. For instance, preliminary research indicates reishi extract may act as a potent immunomodulator and may help reduce free radical damage caused by oxidation.
    While anticancer and chemo preventive actions of reishi mushrooms continue to garner scientific attention, human trials are lacking and it is not clear if these effects will be observed in a human population.

    Cardiovascular Disease
    Reishi extract may help support cardiovascular health via a number of mechanisms. Heart disease remains a significant health issue in the United States and throughout the world.
    The most prevalent cause of heart disease is coronary artery disease, a blanket term for all diseases and conditions that affect the blood vessels, the heart muscle and its ability to deliver adequate blood supplies throughout the body.
    Reishi may help improve circulatory efficiency and reduce fatty acids in the bloodstream. The main cause of coronary artery disease is hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) brought on by the accumulation of fatty acid deposits (plaque) on the arterial walls.
    These accumulations build up inside the arteries and restrict blood flow. When blood flow is restricted, fewer nutrients get delivered throughout the body. This nutrient deprivation is believed to lead to the eventual wearing down of the heart muscle due to excessive strain.
    Preclinical studies of reishi extract suggest it may help reduce some of the risk factors associated with heart disease. Reishi has been observed to:
    Exhibit antiviral and antibacterial effects that may protect the heart valves and muscle from harmful infections;
    Reduce oxygen use by the heart, allowing increased oxygen delivery throughout the body;
    Lower levels of LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides;
    Elevate HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels;
    Dislodge blood clots and flush away arterial plaque deposits for filtration via the liver;
    Improve erythrocyte (red blood cell) health;
    Limit the aggregation of blood platelets, which may reduce symptoms of clotting disorders;
    Increase hemoglobin production;
    Regulate the expenditure of mitochondrial energy within the heart muscle;
    Exhibit adaptogenic properties that assist with effective stress management;

    reishi mushroom ( Ganoderma lucidum) is a fungus from the family Ganodermataceae.
    It is also known by its Chinese name lingzhi and has historically been used in traditional medicine practices throughout Asia. Reishi extract is used to improve overall vitality and boost the immune system.

    Parasites survive on living organisms whereas saprotrophs feed on decaying matter. In the case of reishi mushrooms, they can commonly be found on decaying hardwood trees or stumps.
    The mycelium and fruit of reishi are used to make teas, tinctures, decoctions and other forms of medicine.

    Contemporary research has focused on the constituents of the reishi mushroom to better understand its possible therapeutic uses and mechanisms of action. Extracts of the mushroom have been investigated for a number of possible therapeutic actions, including anti-cancer and immunomodulating effects.
    Research is preliminary and there is insufficient evidence to attribute any therapeutic roles to reishi mushrooms based only on scientific study.

    Reishi mushroom benefits range from lowering blood pressure to inhibiting tumor growth, as well as decreasing LDL cholesterol and reducing the symptoms of asthma.
    This mushroom contains a class of triterpenes, referred to as ganoderic acids, which have similar structures to natural steroid hormones. The mushroom is also a source of polysaccharides including beta-glucan, coumarin and mannitol.
    Recorded use of the mushroom dates back to the Han Dynasty in China between 206 BCE-220 CE. It was said to improve the function of the lungs, the heart, the memory and to generally prolong life. Today, Reishi is commonly made into teas, used as a tincture or taken orally in powdered form or as a dietary supplement.  Try Junaco Reishi Black Coffee with 100% Certified Juncao Ganoderma Extract today

    The Mug factory

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    At The Mug Factory in the UK we specialise in a wide-ranging design mugs that you can browse at your leisure, and find inspirational gifts mugs. Whatever the occasion ?

    We try to give our customers the best service without compromising on the quality of our mugs every mug we sell is checked before it is packed in a polystyrene mug box!

    All our mugs are dishwasher and microwave proof and image last the lifetime of the mug due to the saw-grass  technology!

    So put a smile on your loved ones face today and click:The Mug Factory

    looking for something different but can not decide contact via the contact form and drop us a line something about what your looking for and the occasion and ideas and we will do our best to produce the perfect gift! 

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    The Mug factory deal to help military charity

    The Mug Factory will be discussing with a prominent military artist to help military charities  out by some of the profit made after costs

    in turn we will help promote the artists work in what ever way they decide best.

    Please show as much support as you can to soldiers charity as without them our lives would be different politics aside they put there lives on the line for us!!

    without much thanks and often when they leave the service they get forgotten about struggle to find work  especially if inured during there service!

    On wards and upwards a serviceman or woman is more reliable used to working under pressure they often have valuable trades that are sort after in Civi street.

    So for us at the mug factory its not just about personalised mugs, mugs can be used to send a message promote a business, tell a story, make people laugh and at times help a charity!

    Want to know more drop us an email @ 

    Soldier to civi

    The mug Factory

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    Staffordshire bull terrier heritage centre wednesbury

    This blog is to raise awareness for a local charity Staffordshire bull terrier heritage centre

    About us
    It was in 1985 that the idea of setting up a permanent Staffordshire Bull Terrier museum in the Heart of the Black Country was discussed but did not materialise.
    When Robert Evans was elected to the Council in 1996, he decided to pick up the idea. A group was formed and Robert took the role of Secretary and over the subsequent years, a number of temporary exhibitions were staged with the Group finally achieving Charity Status in 2005.
    The Group acquired premises from the local Council to open a Centre in the Old Post Office in Wednesbury in March 2009 which became the first Centre in Britain dedicated to the Breed.
    Unfortunately in 2014 the Group were informed the building was needed for other activities so the Centre closed and the artefacts put into storage.
    In 2015 Sandwell Council offered the group a 25 year lease for premises in Albert Street, Wednesbury and after extensive renovation work by volunteer’s, the new Centre officially opened on 20th February 2016.
    The museum is dedicated to promoting and championing the history of the Black Country’s favourite breed and includes a detailed insight into the breed and its origins. The exhibition will display old photographs, paintings, posters, documents, videos and Stafford memorabilia donated by Stafford enthusiasts and Clubs.
    So don’t forget, if you want to learn more about our wonderful Breed you are more than welcome to come along.
    The Centre is open every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the month from 11.00am till 3.00pm and arrangements can be made for groups to visit the centre outside these hours by appointment.

    Albert Street, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10,7EW

    Charity Number 1110633

    The Cradley Heath Club was formed at the ‘Old Cross Guns’ (above) where the hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Lil Mallen. I know that Joe claimed that while his wife was the licensee, he himself was just a customer. The purpose of the move was to be able to apply to the Kennel Club for “Staffordshire Bull Terriers to be recognised and accepted as a seperate breed under Kennel Club Rules.”
    During 1933, Staffordshire Bull Terriers were mentioned in ‘Our Dogs’ after an article in John Bull about the miners’ fighting dogs. A letter appeared in that journal about these dogs that had no written pedigree. It was late in 1934 that a real move was made when a letter appeared in ‘Our Dogs’ from Stewart Poole of Tipton, who asked for anyone interested in the formation of a club for Staffordshire Bull Terriers to contact him. I did this but unfortunately, he received only nine replies so it was decided to wait a while and use ‘Our Dogs’ to emphasise the betterings about this wonderful breed that had taken a lot of stick owing to bad publicity of the dog-fighting days.

    This is the new home for the Heritage centre we have to do a lot of renovations before we can open.So we have been asked to do a list of the renovations needed to be done at the new Staffordshire bull terrier heritage centre to get us up and running. If you can help with any of our jobs please let me Know.If you would like to make a donation you can via paypal.…}Fully check roof and make good any damage.Clad under the soffits.
    unblock and replace any damaged guttering.
    Main front doors need replacing.
    Electrics to be fully tested throughout the building.
    Security systems and firealarm to be fully tested.
    Side pathways are overgrown and need clearing.
    Ceiling in a few rooms need patching and plastering.
    Various patching throughout the building.
    Carpets and flooring need replacing.
    Some windows need reglazing.
    Cupboards and a sink for the kitchen.
    Toilet to be made good.
    Painting and decorating throughout.
    Rubbing down and painting to the external of the building.

    The Mug Factory UK for all your personalised mugs

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    Vintage Playboy personalised mugs online in UK

    In Dec. 1953, the first issue of Playboy magazine was released. To celebrate 60 years of Playboy, The Daily Beast gives you the 35 most iconic Playboy magazine covers.

    Dec. 1953: Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe graced the very first cover of Playboy magazine, which was produced in Hefner's kitchen in Hyde Park, Illinois. Monroe never actually posed for Playboy. Instead, Hefner used nude photographs taken for a calendar.

    June 1962: A Toast to Bikinis
    This tasteful shot of a woman posing on a beach in a bikini marked the first time a bikini swimsuit was featured on the cover of Playboy.

    May 1964: Donna Michelle
    This cover featured Playmate Donna Michelle using her legs to recreate Playboy's iconic rabbit logo. It was later memorialized as a postage stamp.

    April 1969: Lorna Hopper
    One of the top-selling issues of Playboy was this one featuring Playmate of the Month Lorna Hopper on the cover. It's a mildly subversive photo challenging traditional gender roles, featuring a nude Hopper in a men's tie. It was photographed by William Figge and Ed DeLong.

    July 1970: Joan Baez
    While Playboy usually featured the Playmate of the Month on the cover, there were some notable exceptions. This issue featured an eye-catching photograph of folk singer Joan Baez on the cover teasing an excellent interview with the artist inside the mag by Nat Hentoff.

    Oct. 1971: Darine Stern
    Stern was the first black woman to appear solo on the cover of Playboy. African-American model Jean Bell was featured on the Jan. 1970 cover, albeit with four other models. Stern went on to become a highly successful Ford model.

    Oct. 1977: Barbra Streisand
    Shortly after her song "Evergreen" won her an Oscar, Streisand appeared on the cover of Playboy. It was her first (and only) time gracing the cover of Playboy, and teased an in-depth interview with the actress-singer.

    Oct. 1978: Dolly Parton
    The buxon blond country music singer-bombshell graced her only Playboy cover to promote her 20th album, 'Heartbreaker.' Parton dressed as a Playboy bunny for the photo.

    Dec. 1978: Farrah Fawcett
    One of the hottest stars of the '70s, Fawcett graced the cover of Playboy in Dec. 1978, shortly after exiting the TV series Charlie's Angels. She'd later appear in the magazine in Dec. 1995, at the age of 50.

    Sept. 1979: Women of Ivy League Revealed
    This controversial cover mimicked a college newspaper and featured several young women from Ivy League schools posing. It caused a huge stir, with several college's women's organizations writing to complain about how the magazine objectified women.

    March 1980: Bo Derek
    Less than a year after appearing as a beach beauty in braids in the movie 10, Derek was featured on the cover of Playboy at the height of her celebrity. The issue was, naturally, a top seller.

    Nov. 1980: Women of the U.S. Government
    One of Playboy's most controversial covers, this issue--featuring a 10-page feature spread of govt. employees posing semi-nude--was released just a few days before Ronald Reagan was elected president. It was condemned by Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald, who said "people might get the impression that all Washington women look like these women," and two women in the U.S. Navy were court-martialed for appearing semi-nude in the spread.

    Feb. 1983: Kim Basinger
    Before she was an Oscar winning actress, Basinger posed for the cover of Playboy shortly after starring as Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again.

    Dec. 1983: Joan Collins
    Arguably the most famous soap star of all-time, Dynasty's Collins appeared on the Dec. 1983 cover of Playboy in a glittery red number for the magazine's Christmas issue.

    Nov. 1984: Christie Brinkley
    One year after starring as the object of Chevy Chase's desire in 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation, model/actress/entrepreneur Brinkley featured on the cover of Playboy.

    Dec. 1984: Suzanne Somers
    Somers had previously appeared nude in the 1980 issue of Playboy but the pictures were taken back in 1970 when Somers was a struggling model. But, after being fired from Three's Company in 1982, Somers appeared nude in the 1984 issue of Playboy in a bid to regain her popularity.

    Jan. 1985: Goldie Hawn
    To promote her Dec. 1984 film Protocol, a D.C.-set comedy which Hawn starred in and executive produced, the actress appeared on the cover of Playboy.

    Sept. 1985: Madonna
    Pegged to her star turn in the film Desperately Seeking Susan, Playboy ran nude photos of Madonna that were taken in New York City in 1978, back when she was a struggling singer.

    Dec. 1986: Brooke Shields
    Timed to the actress's 21st birthday, Shields graced the cover of Playboy for their annual Christmas issue.1953 vintage playboy marilyn monroe first ever cover personalised mug

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    what's the point in buying personalised mugs?

    Top Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Make Great Presents

    gift shopping can be a real nightmare. Shopping centres can be hectic places and if you cannot find what you are looking for, your stress levels will be on the rise. If you are fed up of buying the same old generic gifts for your relatives or are struggling to think of the perfect present, why not consider buying a personalised gift? Here we will provide our five top reasons why personalised gifts make great presents for loved ones.

    Show you have put thought into choosing a gift
    They say ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and that is certainly true of personalised gifts. Having a gift personalised for the recipient, will show that you have put thought and care into your choice. There are a number of different ways you can personalise gifts, depending on what the item is and what it has been made out of. For example, if you are buying a piece of jewellery you could have it engraved with the recipient’s name or initials, or if you were buying a smartphone case it could be screen printed with a quote they love.

    Give a memorable gift that they will treasure forever
    Whereas some gifts are easily forgotten about, keepsake gifts that have been personalised are usually treasured forever. Personalised gifts also tend to have a story behind them and remind people of a happy time, making them even more special. For example for a wedding present, you could buy a personalised home decor gift like a framed picture featuring the newly weds’ names to remind them of their special day.

    Show affection with personalised gifts
    A personalised gift also shows that you know the person extremely well and have gone out your way to make sure the gift is something they will love and treasure. Personalised gifts are particularly valuable to partners, as they show that you love the person and know them well, which will be the most important gift of all. Whether you are looking for gifts for him or gifts for her, a personalised present will make the perfect choice.

    Personalised gifts are suitable for all ages and genders
    Let’s face it; sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to buy gifts for someone that is not the same age or gender as you. If you don’t know the person that well, it can also make gift shopping even harder. One of the best ways to ensure you buy the recipient something they love is to purchase a personalised gift. It does not matter whether they are seven or seventy, they are sure to love whatever you have bought them if it features their name, date of birth, or a quote that is special to them.

    No one else will have bought the same gift
    There is nothing worst than feeling like you have bought someone the best gift ever; only to find that one of their other friends has bought them exactly the same thing. This can be easily avoided by choosing personalised or handmade gifts instead. By personalising a gift with the recipient’s name or having something handmade for them, you can ensure the gift is truly unique and something they will treasure.

    Next time you are out shopping for the perfect gift, think about how you can make it personal and relevant to the recipient. Whether you are buying a piece of luxury jewellery for your partner or a key ring for a co-worker, having the item personalised in some way will make it all the more special to them.

    The Mug Factory UK

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    Animals can be so funny!

    Funny Chimp personalised mugs

    whole animal universe is man-made, with shops, houses, technology etc. except that animals take the place of people. In some works, all kinds of animals take the place of people; all animals are human surrogates and considered equals to each other. In other works, some animals or types of animals take the place of people while others are considered normal animals. Sometimes, only one species of animal is a human surrogate. There are no people in the setting, except maybe a Token Human or two.some works where some animals or types of animals take the place of people and others are considered normal animals, there are both normal forms and human surrogate forms of one or more animal species.Every pet owner has seen their pet do something that was downright hilarious, like a cat that miscalculated a jump or a dog with new rain boots.

    Let’s go tickle some rats

    A similar sentiment inspired psychologist  to enter his lab at Bowling Green State University in Ohio one day in 1997 and tell undergraduate Jeffrey Burgdorf: “Let’s go tickle some rats.” The lab had already discovered that its rats would emit unique ultrasonic chirps in the 50 kilohertz range when they were chasing one another and engaging in play fighting.
    Now the researchers wondered if they could prompt this chirping through tickling. Sure enough, when the researchers began poking at the bellies of the rats in their lab, their ultrasonic recording devices picked up the same 50 kilohertz sounds. The rats eagerly chased their fingers for more. Soon, as the media trumpeted the existence of rat laughter, people the world over were opening up their rat cages and engaging Pinky and Mr Pickles in full-scale tickle wars.
    We met Burgdorf at his office at Northwestern’s Falk Center, where as a biomedical engineering professor he has continued his rat-tickling efforts. He was cautious, however, about overselling what is happening with his rodents. “I don’t necessarily call it laughter, I call it a signal of positive affect,” Burgdorf told us.
    His careful choice of words makes sense. Not everyone was convinced he and Panksepp had uncovered real rat laughter when their rodent-tickling activities first went public. But whatever you want to call it, Burgdorf, a quick-witted man with a boyish face and a sign on his office door that reads “Know It All,” has been obsessed with that strange rat noise he first heard in 1997.
    Laughing pill
    He seems to be on to something. While tickling isn’t always pleasant – thus the term “tickle torture” – in multiple experiments Burgdorf has demonstrated the rats’ 50 kilohertz chirping is only associated with positive experiences. For example, the rats only made this sound during rough and tumble play when the animals were of similar size. The vocalisations changed when one of the animals involved was much larger than the other, when it was no longer fun and games and instead looked more like bullying. And when given a choice, Burgdorf’s rats would push a bar to play a recording of the 50 kilohertz chirp as opposed to other rat noises, suggesting they had a preference for the sound.
    Finally, when Burgdorf and his colleagues used electrodes, opiates and other manipulations to stimulate the reward centres of rats’ brains, the rats produced that same noise.
    Whether you call it laughter or not, Burgdorf is convinced the ultrasonic noises signal the rats are experiencing happiness. Hence the “laughing pill” experiment: he and his colleagues are testing a new antidepressant medication on rats, to see if it makes them “laugh”, or chirp happily. If all goes well, Burgdorf believes the resulting medication could eventually be approved for humans. Rats, so often seen as a malicious pest, could end up making the world a happier place.
    This article first appeared in Slate

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  • printed mugs, buy printed mugs online,buy personalised mugs online,
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    why are personalised mugs becoming popular?

    The gift market has seen a large rise in the sale of personalised gifts, particularly over the last 6 to 12 months. Independent retailers both online and on the high street, as well as the more popular supermarkets and photo processing stores, are all getting in on the act hoping to capitalise on this popular retail trend. This sales trend which originates from the US has seen consumers keen to buy personalised mugs UK.

    most popular sellers in the personalised gifts market is the lowly personalised mug. What might not at first seem your most obvious gift choice is fast becoming a regular on desks and coffee tables across the UK. Personalised Mugs appeal to wide variety of people and ages and offer a unique gift experience. Mugs havebeen traditionally popular as presents for many years, and are commonly found in gift shops and major retailers. The rise of the personalised mug is perhaps the evolution of the standard gift shop mug to something a bit more special.
    A look around the online personalised mugs sites shows that there are a plethora of mug designs and styles obviously hoping to appeal to a wide market. The key message these sites are trying to get across is that if you want an affordable and unique gift, a personalised mug is just want you are looking for. In the current economic climate it is clear that more affordable gift solutions have seen a growth in sales, and the personalised mug seems to be booming during this trend.
    The most popular form of personalised mug is the photo mug. The photo mug is the perfect accompaniment to the Facebook and Twitter society of today where we all want to let everyone know what we think, where we’ve been and who with! Photo mugs allow you to have your favourite photo printed around a mug, be that your last holiday snap, a great night out or your latest family portrait.
    Another popular personalised mug is the name mug. This mug, particularly popular in offices and busy households, is designed to make sure everyone knows who’s mug belongs to whom. Name mugs, along with other pre-printed merchandise such as pens and socks, have been available for many years from traditional gift shops. By allowing customers to add their own names and messages and pick colours and designs, the personalised name mug has just moved on to the next level.
    The range of designs available for personalised mugs is being matched the growing styles of mugs available to personalised. The most common personalised mug is the standard white ceramic mug we all know from everyday use. However, as customers have asked for more variety the personalised gifts suppliers have responded. It is now possible to get personalised espresso mugs, latte mugs, porcelain mugs, coloured mugs, heat change mugs, magic mugs and children’s mug, to name but a few. By combining the range of designs and styles along with a customers requirements it is likely that two mug are very rarely the same.
    The growth in personalised mugs does not look to be a flash in the pan trend. Either as a purchase for yourself or for a gift, a personalised mug is an affordable and unique product which allows you to create something that is perfect just for you. The only limit appears to be your imagination.

    The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is never more so true. The Mug Factory (, one of the UK’s most popular suppliers of personalised mugs , has found that it is becoming ever more popular for pets to send their owners personalised mugs and other gifts for Mother’s Day.

    dog or cat has always been seen as part of the family and part of these family occasions but now Printster is getting more unusual photos sent in for their range of personalised gifts including other animals such as rabbits, horses and parrots.
    The Mug Factory offers a wide range of over 1000 gifts which are tailored to you. The mugs have proved popular for Mother’s Day as a memento for a special mum on this day.
    Paul Harding, Managing Director of The Mug Factory, said, “We always sell many personalised mugs around such events as Mother’s Day. Usually these are pictures of children but it is becoming more and more popular for mugs to be sent with pictures of pets on as well as children. We are an animal loving nation and people nowadays see their pets as part of their extended family.”

    About The Mug Factory
    Since 2005, The Mug Factory has become one of the UK’s most popular online retailers of personalised gifts.
    With an extensive range of products including mugs, t-shirts and many more exciting and unique personalised gifts, we cater for all tastes and budgets. We have a diverse range of designs and styles, enabling our customers to create truly personal gifts and treats for all occasions.
    Visit our online store at

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    Where to find the best personalised mugs in Wednesbury!

    Check out the crazy collection of printed mugs available at The Mug Factory and find that perfect gift for your loved one. Novelty designs or personalised printing, we do it all for you. At The Mug Factory in Wednesbury, West Midlands, personalised printing on mugs with great ideas is what you’ll get. Create personalised photo gifts from your favourite snaps - mugs

    We take the hardwork out of creating personalised mugs and design it for you which gives you more freedom a more profesional looking mug, and were there every step of the way making sure we deliver what you want!The Mug Factory

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    The Worlds Best how to find personalised mugs? You Can Actually Afford to Buy!!!!

    At the mug factory UK we aim to make finding that perfect gift easier and more affordable

    browse our range and if you have an idea for a mug we will make that idea a reality 

    So what are you waiting for browse and make somebody happy today

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    Everyone probably uses a mug more than once a day. From your morning coffee fix to your afternoon cup of tea, the mug is there with you through good and bad, thick and thin! We’ve been thinking that there’s got to be some more ways to use a personalised mug, and we’ve come up with some fun and functional alternatives.........

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    Custom Mugs From The Mug Factory

    Who doesn't love getting mugs as gifts, especially ones with quirky little sayings that always seem to fit you perfectly. The Mug Factory has a great selection, and I’ve rounded up my favorites for you to look at ................

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    Perfect Christmas Gift

    If your stuck for Christmas gifts look no further The Mug Factory is the place to do all your online shopping there is something to suit everybody here

    you will not be disappointed, check out our testimonials.

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  • Desert Rats during ww2
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    Desert rats during ww2

    The British 7th Armoured Division is one of the most famous formations that ever served in the British Army. It was formed in the desert of North Africa just before the Second World War and fought in most of the major campaigns of the war, ending up in the heart of the Third Reich itself - Berlin. Much detail can be found throughout this website and within the reference material highlighted on the Other Sites and Books page. What follows here is a brief outline of the Divisions history, but much can be f............................

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    Crazy offers from the mugs factory UK based

    Classic WW2 Coffee Mugs and Drinkware Available for Orders11 oz mugAfter 

    World War I ended with the armistice of 11 November 1918, the armed forces were dubbed Friedensheer (peace army) in January 1919. In March 1919, the national assembly passed a law founding a 420,000 strong preliminary army as Vorläufige Rei............................

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    Coffee Mugs as works of art

    Mugs these days come in all shapes and sizes but with technological advances and people being creative. Mugs are being used as art, historical reference to convey a message this fascinates me the humble mug being turned into an art form or a message or just a nice gift for an ex-serviceman

    And why not turning something mondane into something beutifull 

    To see what i mean click here:

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  • The Mug Factory open for Business
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    The Mug Factory open for Business

    Welcome now new ecommerce website is now live and open for Business

    You can find mugs of all themes here ready for you or a gift for a loved one with Christmas just around the corner grab one today

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