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The Fonz mug

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11 oz Dishwasher proof printed mug

Alternate Names:
Arthur 'Fonz' Fonzarelli / Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzarelli / The Fonz

Arthur Fonzarelli, better known as "'Fonzie'" or "'The Fonz'", was played by Henry Winkler for the full 11 year run of the show Happy Days. He is also the only one who can hit the jukebox at Arnold's and make it work.

Not much is known about Fonzie's family. He says in an episode that his father left when he was 12 years old. In the episode "The Cunningham Caper" he mentions that his mother used to sprinkle crushed asprin on his linguini when he wasn't feeling well. In another episode he also mentioned that when he needed his tonsils out, she lied and told him they were going to the parade, but he "broke her down" and got her to confess on the way to the hospital. He has a nephew named Raymond who appeared in the episode "Not with my sister, You don't!"

Did you know ?  Fonz star reveals he created 'aaaaay' catchphrase to cover up misery of un-diagnosed dyslexia!!!

65-year-old actor told The Times: 'Learning the lines was so hard I reduced an entire paragraph to a sound, "aaaaay".
'And I could use different intonations of "aaaaay" as well. I could make it mean all sorts of things from "Don't mess with me", to "I am hungry".'

Playing the Fonz made Wilder a global favourite in the seventies - but the actor, who was made an OBE by the Queen last month, said that inside he was far from self assured.