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Kray Twins and Mother printed mug

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11oz Kray gangster mug with there mother dishwasher safe!

Described as the most dangerous men in Britain, the Kray twins were never shy about posing for the camera.

Identical twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray were gangsters who ruled the streets of London's East End.

Ronnie & Reggie Kray were two of the most notorious British gangsters in British history and died in prison after being convicted of murdering two rival gangsters.
Over years the pair have been the subject of various books & films and lionised in popular culture.

A new film, Legend, stars actor Tom Hardy as the twins and promises to renew interest in how they built their crime empire in the 1960s.
But despite the publicity around their activities here are a few facts you might not know.
In 1952 after refusing to do National Service the twins were jailed and became among the last prisoners held at the Tower of London, before being transferred to Shepton Mallet military prison in Somerset for a month, to await court-martial.

1964 the Sunday Mirror reported Scotland Yard was investigating a homosexual relationship between an unnamed peer and a major figure in the criminal underworld – Ronnie and Conservative MP Robert Boothby. Despite the pair not being named Boothby chose to go public with a letter to The Times in which he denied being gay and stated that he had only ever met Kray three times, always to discuss business matters and always in the company of other people. Facing the threat of a libel defeat, the Sunday Mirror issued an apology to the peer and paid out £40,000, equivalent to £500,000 today while newspaper's editor, Reg Payne, lost his job over the affair.

when Reggie died in 2000 those sending wreaths included Barbara Windsor, Who singer Roger Daltry and pop star Morrissey. There was also a wreath believed to be from the American Mafia - next to a photo of Manhattan was the message: "In deep respect, from your friends in New York."

"the Hat" McVitie, was a minor member of the Kray gang who had failed to fulfil a £1,500 contract paid to him in advance to kill a rival. As punishment McVitie was lured to a basement flat in Stoke Newington, on the pretence of a party. As he entered, Reggie Kray pointed a handgun at his head and pulled the trigger twice, but the gun failed to discharge.

Kensit's dad James 'Jimmy The Dip' Kensit was not only a member of the notorious Richardson gang - who made most of their money from fraud and earned a terrifying reputation as ruthless torturers who nailed their victims to the floor - but was also a close friend of their rivals, Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

Kray twins, said of Ronald and Reggie's mum: “What a wonderful woman she was, a wonderful loving mother who just happened to be the mother of the most notorious men in London at the time.
“To her they were two princes that she dressed immaculately from little babies. She dressed them like girls actually because she’d lost a little girl just before they were born…
"But she saw them go out that door and she just thought they were princes, she could see no wrong, she wouldn’t hear no wrong because in the house they were two gentlemen and out in front of women they were gentlemen.”