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Can't someone else just do it? funny printed mug

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11oz dishwasher safe funny Hommer Simpson printed mug

now not to be harassed with Thrash of the Titans.
"Love Day" redirects right here. For the Western vacation approximately love, see Valentine's Day.
"Trash of the Titans"
The Simpsons episode
Trash of the Titans.jpg
Promotional card, presenting Homer, U2, and Ray Patterson, a individual voiced through Steve Martin
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 22
Directed by using Jim Reardon
Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham
manufacturing code 5F09
authentic air date April 26, 1998[1]
guest appearance(s)
Steve Martin as Ray Patterson
U2 as themselves
Paul McGuinness as himself
Episode capabilities
couch gag The family appear in Edna Krabappel's school room, where Bart is writing on the blackboard: "i will now not mess with the opening credits".[1]
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ron Hauge
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Yeardley Smith
Episode chronology
← previous
"Girly version" next →
"King of the Hill"
The Simpsons (season nine)
listing of The Simpsons episodes
"Trash of the Titans" is the twenty second episode of The Simpsons' ninth season. The two hundredth episode of the collection universal, it originally aired on the Fox community inside the united states of america on April 26, 1998. The episode, which become written by Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed with the aid of Jim Reardon, sees Homer Simpson run for the task of Springfield's Sanitation Commissioner. Steve Martin guest stars as Ray Patterson, the incumbent commissioner, at the same time as U2 play themselves after requesting an look at the show.[2]

inspired by a friend's experience in politics, Maxtone-Graham determined to have Homer run for Sanitation Commissioner, even though one draft of the episode saw him jogging for mayor. The body of workers additionally wanted the episode to be about trash, and created the idea of "Love Day" as a method of generating waste. The episode's decision was mentioned significantly by means of the group of workers, with one proposed concept being that Springfield could be raised up and the extra rubbish swept under it. The episode also functions a parody of the tune "The sweet guy" and an incident involving comic Redd Foxx.

"Trash of the Titans" won an Emmy Award for first rate lively program (For Programming One Hour or less), some thing the body of workers consider became because of the environmental message at the stop. Over 10 years after the authentic broadcast, an airing of the episode in the uk courted controversy whilst it turned into aired on Channel 4 in April 2008 earlier than the 9pm watershed, with the word "wanker" left unedited.

The episode is dedicated to the reminiscence of Linda McCartney, who regarded alongside her husband Paul within the episode "Lisa the Vegetarian."[1]

1 Plot
2 production
3 Reception
three.1 Controversy
4 References
5 external hyperlinks
A local department shop pronounces the formation of a brand new August excursion called Love Day meant to boost income. The Simpsons celebrate it, but the enormous amount of packaging it produces causes the rubbish to accumulate. whilst Homer takes it out, he fails to make it to the shrink in time. As the garbage men power away with out amassing his trash, Homer angrily shouts insults at them, inflicting a fight that leads to the family's garbage carrier being reduce off. garbage steadily piles up on their front garden and despite Marge's pleas, Homer refuses to make an apology to the rubbish guys.

Homer awakens one morning to locate the pile of trash long gone and believes he has overwhelmed city hall, only to analyze that Marge wrote a letter of apology to the Springfield Sanitation Commissioner Ray Patterson, forging Homer's call. Homer sees the commissioner, traumatic the letter be lower back. Patterson does so and tries to be civil with Homer, but Homer insists he's going to fight the department and makes a decision to run for Commissioner.

Homer's campaign starts badly with him being overwhelmed up after interrupting U2's PopMart tour concert, but alternatives up while he thinks of a slogan: "can not a person else do it?" Homer spreads his message to the metropolis and promises steeply-priced services which include round-the-clock rubbish service and sanitation employees doing all feasible cleaning, main to his landslide victory in the election. After being sworn in, he indicates his plans with the aid of singing a parody of "The candy man" entitled "the rubbish man."

however, pleasurable these guarantees proves pricey and Mayor Quimby denounces Homer for spending the department's every year budget in handiest a month. Homer gets towns all around the usa to pay him to save their excess garbage in an abandoned mine shaft on the outskirts of Springfield. regardless of the price range crisis having ended and the people receiving their salaries as promised, the garbage builds up underground and subsequently erupts, pouring trash all over the metropolis. At a town corridor meeting, Homer is fired from his put up and replaced with Ray Patterson, who declines reinstatement. with out a other alternatives left, Quimby actions the whole city 5 miles down the street.

The production team wanted the episode to be about trash,[3] and display runner Mike Scully pitched the idea that Homer ought to run for workplace.[2][3] author Ian Maxtone-Graham had a friend who had made their way in Chicago politics, through the Sanitation commission, and so he decided that Homer must run for Sanitation Commissioner.[3] They then spent a variety of time trying to get to the factor that Homer would have an "over-crammed trash can," and through its vast use of packaging, the idea of love Day was formed.[3] at the start the episode saw Homer strolling for mayor, but this concept became deserted.[2] The ending was talked about for a while, with the unique idea being that the whole city could be raised up and the garbage be swept under.[2] The ending changed into no longer supposed to hold an environmental message, but it played nicely and is what the staff consider received the episode an Emmy.[3]

U2 contacted the show about doing a guest spot, in preference to the opposite way round. The writers right away wrote them one, in case they modified their minds.[2] They recorded their lines for the episode in October 1997.[4] The band's head of predominant management Paul McGuinness and Susie Smith, an worker of most important control, additionally make brief appearances inside the episode.[5] U2's drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. appears in the episode, despite the fact that he has no talk.[1] Steve Martin guest stars as Ray Patterson.[1]

The episode marked the first appearance of Costington's department store, whose slogan is "Over a Century without a Slogan." It took "quite a few wasted man-hours" to give you both the call and slogan.[6]

Ray Patterson (Steve Martin) leaves the level to the Sanford and Son topic song, inside the reference to the Redd Foxx incident
The scene wherein Ray Patterson is reinstated (to which he enters and exits to the Sanford and Son topic track) was a connection with a second that came about during a stand-up display of comic Redd Foxx (who starred on Sanford and Son). at some point of a display in Las Vegas, Redd Foxx came on stage to the Sanford and Son subject matter tune, handiest to discover that there had been only a few people inside the target audience. Foxx angrily said that he refused to do a display with this sort of small target market and walked off the degree. The residence orchestra, confused by Foxx's leaving, surely performed him off with the Sanford and Son topic tune again.[7] The equal incident become the basis for a joke in "the two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons," wherein Moe Szyslak walks onto the stage and, with out breaking stride, walks off.[8]

In its authentic broadcast, "Trash of the Titans" completed 16th in rankings for the week of April 20–26, 1998, with a Nielsen rating of 10.five, equivalent to about 10.2 million viewing families. It turned into the very best-rated show on the Fox network that week, beating King of the Hill.[9]

This episode won the Emmy Award for incredible animated application (For Programming One Hour or less) in 1998.[10] Jim Reardon received the Annie Award for "outstanding character success for directing in an lively television production".[11]

The authors of the book I can't consider it's a larger and better up to date Unofficial Simpsons guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian wooden, stated: "even though now not a extremely good episode, this one has a series of high factors that keep you amused until the stop."[1] In a 2006 article in usa nowadays, "Trash of the Titans" turned into highlighted some of the six fine episodes of The Simpsons season nine, along with "The pleasure of Sect," "The ultimate Temptation of Krust," "The Cartridge circle of relatives," "Dumbbell Indemnity," and "Das Bus."[12]

during Toronto metropolis Council deliberations over the inspiration to show the deserted Adams Mine in Northern Ontario into a massive unload website for Toronto's garbage, then-councillors Jack Layton and Olivia Chow surprised their council colleagues via playing "Trash of the Titans." "It turned into really beautiful," Layton later informed The Globe and Mail. "It became so correct to what turned into happening." Layton, who could later end up leader of Canada's New Democratic party and chief of the respectable competition, known as The Simpsons "the single maximum vital have an impact on on progressive social remark in the global."[13]

In 2016, the episode received a brand new wave of remark from observers of the united states presidential election, who as compared Homer's marketing campaign to that of President Donald Trump.[14][15] Stephen Sander wrote, "Homer makes crazy promises, and panders to the bottom commonplace denominator within the residents of Springfield, telling anyone what they want to hear as a way to win. And he does win."[16]

In 2008, the episode brought about controversy in the uk, for use of the phrase "wanker." The phrase is first utilized by Adam Clayton, and later with the aid of Mr. Burns, at the quit of the episode. at the same time as the phrase isn't widely known in the united states of america, where it normally method a self-indulgent character, it's far taken into consideration offensive inside the united kingdom, wherein it's miles a slang time period for person who engages in masturbation.

On April 15, 2008, "Trash of the Titans" changed into broadcast on Channel four at 6pm, with each mentions of the phrase broadcast. Ofcom, which deals with tv court cases in the uk, obtained 31 proceedings from viewers who felt that the episode must now not had been proven earlier than the 9pm watershed. Channel four said that the mistake become as a result of a member of the compliance body of workers, who had incorrectly licensed this system as suitable to be shown from 6pm. the error become no longer corrected via the acquisitions department. Ofcom said that while they were "worried," it might no longer check out the incident any in addition as it was "an isolated incident."

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