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Bob the builder can we fix it no its Fcked funny joke humorous mug

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11oz mug Bob the builder mug can we fix it no its F*cked

your mama must be ugly because bob the builder can fix anything . ..... Funny,Funny Pics,FunnyStuff,Cartoon Funnies,Adult Funnies,Adult Humor,Kylie S Ideas.

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like 90's cartoons that have hidden adult humor or is it just childish ... woman that wore "Bob The Builder"

I was watching Bob the Builder with the kids. It’s not my favorite show, but Mel loves it and it’s pretty harmless. Or so I thought. This particular episode contained a story about Bob’s building partner, Wendy, and his crew planning a surprise birthday party for him. They pull off the surprise, and Bob says, “I thought you’d forgotten my birthday.” Then, the show takes a more um, adult, turn, as Wendy bats her eyelashes and says huskily, “Forget your birthday, Bob? Oh, never!”

Bobby’s eyebrows raised in concern. “Um, I’m not sure. But I think the sexual tension between Bob and Wendy is making me uncomfortable!”