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In Dec. 1953, the first issue of Playboy magazine was released. To celebrate 60 years of Playboy, The Daily Beast gives you the 35 most iconic Playboy magazine covers.

Dec. 1953: Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe graced the very first cover of Playboy magazine, which was produced in Hefner's kitchen in Hyde Park, Illinois. Monroe never actually posed for Playboy. Instead, Hefner used nude photographs taken for a calendar.

June 1962: A Toast to Bikinis
This tasteful shot of a woman posing on a beach in a bikini marked the first time a bikini swimsuit was featured on the cover of Playboy.

May 1964: Donna Michelle
This cover featured Playmate Donna Michelle using her legs to recreate Playboy's iconic rabbit logo. It was later memorialized as a postage stamp.

April 1969: Lorna Hopper
One of the top-selling issues of Playboy was this one featuring Playmate of the Month Lorna Hopper on the cover. It's a mildly subversive photo challenging traditional gender roles, featuring a nude Hopper in a men's tie. It was photographed by William Figge and Ed DeLong.

July 1970: Joan Baez
While Playboy usually featured the Playmate of the Month on the cover, there were some notable exceptions. This issue featured an eye-catching photograph of folk singer Joan Baez on the cover teasing an excellent interview with the artist inside the mag by Nat Hentoff.

Oct. 1971: Darine Stern
Stern was the first black woman to appear solo on the cover of Playboy. African-American model Jean Bell was featured on the Jan. 1970 cover, albeit with four other models. Stern went on to become a highly successful Ford model.

Oct. 1977: Barbra Streisand
Shortly after her song "Evergreen" won her an Oscar, Streisand appeared on the cover of Playboy. It was her first (and only) time gracing the cover of Playboy, and teased an in-depth interview with the actress-singer.

Oct. 1978: Dolly Parton
The buxon blond country music singer-bombshell graced her only Playboy cover to promote her 20th album, 'Heartbreaker.' Parton dressed as a Playboy bunny for the photo.

Dec. 1978: Farrah Fawcett
One of the hottest stars of the '70s, Fawcett graced the cover of Playboy in Dec. 1978, shortly after exiting the TV series Charlie's Angels. She'd later appear in the magazine in Dec. 1995, at the age of 50.

Sept. 1979: Women of Ivy League Revealed
This controversial cover mimicked a college newspaper and featured several young women from Ivy League schools posing. It caused a huge stir, with several college's women's organizations writing to complain about how the magazine objectified women.

March 1980: Bo Derek
Less than a year after appearing as a beach beauty in braids in the movie 10, Derek was featured on the cover of Playboy at the height of her celebrity. The issue was, naturally, a top seller.

Nov. 1980: Women of the U.S. Government
One of Playboy's most controversial covers, this issue--featuring a 10-page feature spread of govt. employees posing semi-nude--was released just a few days before Ronald Reagan was elected president. It was condemned by Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald, who said "people might get the impression that all Washington women look like these women," and two women in the U.S. Navy were court-martialed for appearing semi-nude in the spread.

Feb. 1983: Kim Basinger
Before she was an Oscar winning actress, Basinger posed for the cover of Playboy shortly after starring as Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again.

Dec. 1983: Joan Collins
Arguably the most famous soap star of all-time, Dynasty's Collins appeared on the Dec. 1983 cover of Playboy in a glittery red number for the magazine's Christmas issue.

Nov. 1984: Christie Brinkley
One year after starring as the object of Chevy Chase's desire in 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation, model/actress/entrepreneur Brinkley featured on the cover of Playboy.

Dec. 1984: Suzanne Somers
Somers had previously appeared nude in the 1980 issue of Playboy but the pictures were taken back in 1970 when Somers was a struggling model. But, after being fired from Three's Company in 1982, Somers appeared nude in the 1984 issue of Playboy in a bid to regain her popularity.

Jan. 1985: Goldie Hawn
To promote her Dec. 1984 film Protocol, a D.C.-set comedy which Hawn starred in and executive produced, the actress appeared on the cover of Playboy.

Sept. 1985: Madonna
Pegged to her star turn in the film Desperately Seeking Susan, Playboy ran nude photos of Madonna that were taken in New York City in 1978, back when she was a struggling singer.

Dec. 1986: Brooke Shields
Timed to the actress's 21st birthday, Shields graced the cover of Playboy for their annual Christmas issue.1953 vintage playboy marilyn monroe first ever cover personalised mug


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