The Mug factory deal to help military charity

The Mug Factory will be discussing with a prominent military artist to help military charities  out by some of the profit made after costs

in turn we will help promote the artists work in what ever way they decide best.

Please show as much support as you can to soldiers charity as without them our lives would be different politics aside they put there lives on the line for us!!

without much thanks and often when they leave the service they get forgotten about struggle to find work  especially if inured during there service!

On wards and upwards a serviceman or woman is more reliable used to working under pressure they often have valuable trades that are sort after in Civi street.

So for us at the mug factory its not just about personalised mugs, mugs can be used to send a message promote a business, tell a story, make people laugh and at times help a charity!

Want to know more drop us an email @ 

Soldier to civi

The mug Factory


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