Shout out to Sandwell hospital you saved my life!!!!!!

I was recentley rushed into hot infectious i tested positive for Covid-19 Pnemonia possible pulmonrey heart failure.

Two days in out of my 9 days in hospital the nurses said they nearley lost me!


I wish to thank all the nurses at sandwell hospital doctors cleaners receptionists for there devotion to patients.

To thank its a small gesture anybody who works at sandwell hospital regardless of position i will do anything i sell at cost. i sell most goods handbags, toys, clothing you name it more orless anything.

I am covid 19 free but its just the recovery now

Two nurse i would like to thank leanne from amu you definetley saved my life

and a jamican nurse Terene or tehrene i think her name was you know who you are showed me kindness Please drop me an email the last ward was Newton 5 bed 3 I was in

So please reach out:


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