Reasons We're Emotionally Attached to Our Favorite Mugs

almost 60% of human beings stated they had an emotional attachment to a fave mug in a survey by the heinz organisation. about forty% stated their unique mug turned into irreplaceable, and approximately one-1/3 said they would be devastated if it broke.

but you in all likelihood didn’t want a survey to tell you that many of us become quite emotionally, irrationally connected to our favorite mugs. take my boyfriend’s cutting-edge mug of choice: it’s small, chipped and emblazoned with a hackneyed phrase, but his affection for it far surpasses any goal really worth.

see, my 60ish boyfriend has been around given that my grandson, Dylan, was born. however because we aren’t married, we careful grown-u.s.a.stopped quick of relating to him as one in every of Dylan's grandfathers. more than one Christmases ago, Dylan, by means of then a second-grader, made a declaration by means of picking out and deciding to buy the “international’s best grandpa” mug himself.

now it holds pleasure of place at the kitchen shelf.

for my part, i’m a fan of a mug in an autumnal shade of orange, which strikes a chord in my memory of a lovely fall weekend my boyfriend and i spent in st. germain, wisconsin. because both of our prized mugs have shared associations, just seeing one of us the use of his or her unique mug can bring up heat, fuzzy feelings within the other. but woe be to both of us who has the audacity to clearly drink from the opposite’s mug.

perhaps you cherish your very own favorite mug and feel extremely-possessive approximately it. right here's the heritage on its deep mental appeal:

whats up, that’s my mug

part of the pull is the simple experience of personal possession. numerous research of the endowment impact—the tendency for people to overvalue their very own possessions—sincerely looked at human beings’s valuations in their espresso mugs. researchers discovered that humans ascribed extra fee to a mug once they owned it.

if you’ve ever grabbed some other man or woman’s prized mug in the spoil room or at a relative’s residence, you know the way intensely possessive mug owners may be. in the heinz survey, one-6th of members admitted that they could sulk if someone else use their mug.

it strikes a chord in my memory of the time…

yet there is some thing greater occurring right here: human beings are much more likely to be captivated with a fave mug than, say, a favorite fork. one purpose: mugs are commonplace presents, souvenirs and keepsakes, so we often accomplice them with a liked person, region, or time. the feelings the mug conjures up can be effective, even if you aren’t privy to the source.

toni coleman, lcsw, cmc, a psychotherapist and dating coach in mclean, virginia, says she’s mainly attached to a sturdy, brown mug she has owned for years. “i received it one brilliant summer time i spent residing on the beach when i was 22,” she says. “once I study or drink from my mug, it conjures up feelings associated with that summer. there’s just something about it that feels correct and feels secure, despite the fact that it’s on an unconscious provides continuity with the beyond and reminds me of who i used to be.”


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