Mugs that become collectors items!

The Mug Factory

Were the mug factory is different we work directly with people on a one to one basis find out what they really want, because when a customer wants a custom made mug usually it being used to tell a story.

A commemoration to a soldier  or homage, this is what we believe sets the mug factory apart from others, we have all been there your telling somebody what you want but they do not truly listen talking at you not to you this is were were different! Does not matter if your not local with the aid of the internet and email and skype we can give you that personal touch you need.

Sublimation mugs that embrace on single national moment in time have a good chance of becoming collector’s items in years to come. Such events include the birth of the Royal baby, the Olympics, the coronation of the Queen and so on. These must be launched at the exact time of the event so they are snapped up willingly. If they are a few months late they will be seen as out of date, until years have passed making them memory keepsakes.
At the Mug factory we always follow the latest trends and events, bringing you commemorative mugs that can include your branding or logo. From sporting memorabilia to royalist mugs, you can create a collector’s item that also promotes your business.
Contemporary mugs that capture a trend can become collectors’ items, for example mugs that embrace science fiction, comics, sayings (remember Wass uppp?) or fashions. Eighties and nineties mugs sporting bands of the era are now very popular along with original mugs from Doctor Who or Star Wars. Right now Angry Birds, Facebook and the Keep Calm series are the collector’s items of the future.
You may want to consider items that are collected by people and see if you can create a mug that appeals to their collection. The most popular collected items include:
• Animals, people collect pigs, dogs, elephants, butterflies, cats and frogs.
• Movies, people collect items that relate to a specific cult movie franchise such as Star Wars or Harry Potter
• Toys, many people collect toys such as Lego, action figures, retro or even Barbie dolls.


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