mugs are an incredibly famous promotional merchandise, and we offer both earthenware and china. earthenware is the greater popular and much less highly-priced style, and there are numerous shapes offered. there are much less china shapes offered, and the prices are a chunk higher, but a few clients prefer the extra delicate appearance and sense of this fashion of mug.

mugs are normally furnished in multiples of 36 (the traditional carton amount) and the minimal amount we are able to supply is 72 mugs. higher quantities could be 108, 25 and 504, for example.

the maximum commonplace form of adornment of a personalized mug is display screen printing in one, or more colours. it's far feasible also to print full coloration printing, but the set-up costs and the unit fees to produce and practice the transfer, can be appreciably better.

as soon as the photo is ‘fired’ onto the mug, in a kiln, it need to be dishwasher proof, but, that is always difficulty to how frequently it's miles washed and the strength of the dishwasher. it's far constantly high-quality to test first! china mugs, which regularly have a gold rim and deal with flash carried out, won’t be suitable for a dishwasher (nor a microwave, because the gold paint which is carried out, has real gold content material).

we also offer latte mugs, cups and saucers, commemorative plates and ceramic coasters.

certain colours are hard to print as it should be, due to the fact whilst the mug is fired, the colour may additionally alternate. colorings inside the red to red range are mainly complex.
screen fees are carried out according to coloration printed, but those tend now not to be relevant on orders of 504 and over.
each mug can have a specific print place. this could want to start a bit far from the deal with, and faraway from both the bottom and the rim. the shapes of sure mugs, particularly ones which taper, way that the print region can be reduced in depth.
in the print place, any component may be revealed. the most commonplace format is where a brand or design is repeated front and back, with both the identical info, or slightly exclusive on one of the sides. this indicates the drinker can see the same picture as a person across the desk. we will print different layouts, where the brand or textual content is printed opposite the handle.
some other pleasing style is the ‘wow’ mug, wherein the layout is masked by means of a black print, which quickly disappears while hot tea or espresso is brought, accordingly dramatically exposing the the photo underneath.
we now offer acrylic mugs which might be an appealing and stylish alternative, in an environment in which ceramic breakages might be an issue.


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