Minions invade THE MUG FACTORY

We have no idea why the minions invade our factory but it was entertaining to say the least,

no harm was done and minion was harmed during filming!

While the staff had to deal with the chaos as well as their own problems but they got on with it,

with a little awkward laughter!

Normally I have a strict ban on Minion jokes from anyone, but Superstore has earned my utmost respect with this one. Anyone who can build sexual tension between two romantic leads dressed in Minion costumes deserves my damn respect!

Now do not forget Christmas is just round the corner so if your thinking about having a custom made gift mug for a loved one or friend,try and give as much notice as you can!!  We get a lot of last minute orders Christmas time and it can get a little stressful not that were complaining.

Were going to upload a few more new mugs a Kurt Meyer and a Delboy trotter mug for good measure.

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