Coffee recipes for you to try!!!

Hazelnut espresso, caramel macchiato or Viennese coffee: these are just some of the delicious hot coffee recipes we recommend trying the next time you crave something different on your coffee break.

Easy to make and small in size, our Viennese coffee still bursts with heavenly flavour. This is a coffee recipe that paints a sumptuous picture of Viennese elegance with every sip.PREPARATION
Pour 10 grams (0.3oz) of chocolate syrup into a small glass.Prepare a long espresso, pour it into the glass and add the whipped cream.Sprinkle with chocolate flakes.Done! Enjoy a divine coffee break with a gourmet flavour.

PREPARATION Brew an espresso in a cappuccino cup.Add 60ml of the Mint Milk Cream.Lightly dust with bitter cocoa powder.Preparation of Mint Milk Cream (serves 2):Pour the cold whole milk into a large bowl.Add the double cream, milk and mint syrup.Whip with an electric whisk to obtain a soft fluffy mixture.

PREPARATION Cut 2 slices of fresh ginger and place in a small clear glass.Prepare an espresso in a small glass.Generously dust with the cinnamon-icing sugar mix.Top up with hot milk cream trying to add as little milk as possible.Dust another sprinkle of the cinnamon-sugar icing mix.

PREPARATION Pour 50ml of hot chocolate into a glass. Dispense an espresso lungo (50ml) over the chocolate.Top up with lightly stirred double cream so that it floats on the surface.

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